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Where to apply for surrogacy??

Hello to every brave lady here! It’s high time to let my emotions burst out, as I’m feeling so miserable and helpless!

I’m like a bunch of every smallest trouble and severe complications! This all gets on me very much leaving too little hope for success.

Beg your pardon for my nagging beforehand but I do feel you’ll understand me. I’m in great need of every soothing word…

Briefly about what’s going on.. I’m 37, my husband is 40. We became a happy couple not so long ago. This is the first year we’re considering the options allowing us to become parents.

The point is that I’m entitled to surrogacy. You know it may be appropriate if you have a medical condition that makes it impossible or dangerous to get pregnant and to give birth.

In my case this is all in one. I’m facing malformation of the womb from the birth supplemented with a heart disease causing high blood pressure. Before knowing the smallest details of my weak points we made a try having applied one day for IVF procedure. We passed two cycles and both of them ended with implantation failures. After that I just gave up and didn’t want those things to continue. And was so mistaken! I realized we cannot be happy living on our own and not having children!

I blame myself for loosing precious time. Now we’re looking for successful surrogacy stories, any kind of experience you’ve been through, just anything that will help to make a right decision. Put great hope on you, lovely ladies not standing apart of a stranger’s grief.

May God bless us on this painful path xx

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Hi Serrine. A good idea might be to start by looking at surogacyuk.org an organisation that was formed to support and inform anyone with an interest in surrogacy in the UK. I really wish you both well with this and hope that you have the family you so want. Diane


So happy for you, JustKnewIt!

It's just the kind of the story we need now. Your having no womb at all was rather surprising for me. I mean I haven't heard about such diagnose before though being 37 yo. I just wanna make head or tail of the surrogacy programme you applied for. What was its procedure in that center? And what we should pay attention for from the very beginning?


A good friend of mine had a baby with a surrogate who she met through surrogacy uk- and she's now heavily involved with the charity. Her experience was long and expensive but amazing and ultimately very positive, and she has an incredible relationship with her surrogate. And her son is gorgeous. Maybe get in touch with them for some advice.


I'll be pleased to help you, dear Serrine! And no question is prohibited for you)

So the very first thing is that a couple must be officially married in time the first appointment is conducted. I had to show the papers proving that I couldn’t get pregnant. Then we flew to Ukraine, where were met and offered the hotel for the clinic’s expense. The next morning we were driven to the clinic where all the necessary testing was done. That day we also visited our doctor. And no language barrier as an interpreter was by our side every minute. So we had a great chance to clarify every single question.

After that all the papers were signed and the first sum or money was given. The second appointment was conducted in order to get sperm and retrieve eggs. We used my own eggs. That day my eggs were fertilized with my husband’s sperm. On the fifth day after that the embryo was transferred to surrogate mother. And here it was very important that the surrogate had no biological relation to our baby, which was for us a real fresh breath in. You know, traditional surrogacy is banned in Ukraine.

Then we had a two week wait for the pregnancy test. Thanks to God it was positive and our surrogate had the first scan approximately in a month. That was our first time we saw her real) After that every month our surrogate was to come for being scanned. And we received every single photo and video from the procedure with translation. On week 32-34 our surrogate came to Kiev and we waited for the childbirth at the place. Our Laria was born by planned Caesarean, so we had to stay longer than three days in the clinic. Then the surrogate signed the papers of her baby refusal and the deal was almost done. After all the papers in the embassy were ready we flew home))


Hi! Sorry for the late reply.

No, the sum of money is divided into 5. The 1st one is paid after signing the papers. The 2nd - when wife's eggs are fertilized with husband's sperm. 3rd is paid after 12 weeks of pregnancy when it is confirmed. This may be done after the 1st scan the surrogate mother does. 4th - when you take the child from maternity home. And the last 5th one at the time of the visit to the embassy.


its always so sad to read about any kind of infertility that we women have to face.

But you are still young and very brave. im considering surrogacy myself. im 47 in second relationship I have 12 year old son but want to have more children. 

i wish u all the best sweet xx

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Loosing our precious time was my major mistake as well. my dh and i enjoyed childless life for many years. we thought we're not ready yet, always postponing, enjoying, travelling, making careers. when we finally decided, it was probably too late. nothing worked for us ttc naturally :(

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i'm a bit confused by this comment. i don't know what you mean 'they didn't match your expectations'

they really have A LOT of clients there, but i think it shows that they do their job perfectly well. that's why so many IPs choose them. For us, for axample, it worked from the first attempt!


Hi Serrine. Firstly, every woman goes through some tough time in her life, that is completely understandable. But the main thing is that you have to stay strong and stay focused about what you want. Don't lose hope. You haven't lost any time. Every woman wants to be a mother. It is a natural phenomena. I have a cousin who had to face something similar to what you have faced. And in the start she was totally against the concept of Surrogacy, but after consulting a doctor and the need for a child grew, she opted for it. It has been 4 years since her son was born through surrogate and she hasn't been happier. That is because she found a sweet and kind lady who was willing to became her surrogate. They went through the whole process together. The process is expensive no doubt. And it is long too, so you'll have to wait and have patience. But with the end result. I am quite sure you'll be a happy couple with your child.


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