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Looking for your surrogacy experience


Hello everybody!

I have a rare problem – infantilism of the uterus or children’s womb. I knew about it since I had my first gynecological examination. For those who doesn’t know what the thing this is, it’s sort of underdevelopment of uterine mainly it’s related to its size. I don’t know why but my gp told me it’s ok to have a baby with that size of mine so I didn’t worry a lot. But when I was reading about this problem I realized it’s very serious and can cause problems during pregnancy. But I also read that women with such abnormality have underdeveloped sexual function, that seems to me quite strange cause I didn’t think I had sexual problems, but of course I have nothing to compare with.

We started treatment, hormones and physical therapy, but it didn’t give any significant result. After my first m/c I was depressed and it became clear for me I won’t ever be able to carry a baby. Moreover if I get pregnant, there is a chance my DD will have this thing too. After that miscarriage my dr allowed me to move for surrogacy. The question is that I don’t know anything about it. What to choose, what to expect, how it’s gonna be. I live in India but I’m not a citizen and it’s now forbidden for those like me to use SM services here. Please, help me to find a place where I can have a baby for sure!

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Thank you! you know, it's possible to have a baby with this thing but it really depends, like you've said, on womb size. unfortunately, mine is too small.

og, that's great, congrats! in my turn, i don't know anybody who has surrogacy experience and all this procedure is pretty strange to me like something fantastic.

why didn't you like your experience in Russia? i mean isn't it great, your child is healthy what else do you need?

Yeah, I have lots of questions, I want to know the main steps I need to take before starting all this?

hey, i just wanted to day that every woman deserves better for herself. It doesn't matter where do you live or who you are. hope everything will be ok. I also had similar problem but I didn't give up and we tried surro in Europe, in Ukraine. I was surprised with the quality of ukrainians doctors and people at all. They are very friendly and open to you.

Their law doesn't permit surromother to take any responsibilities for a child and that's great..

If you need more information I'm open to any of your question

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Thank you, me too. I hope it will be..please tell me how was it? why did you decide to try surrogacy there? what clinic did you choose and why? how much money did you spend on all your trip?

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let's see, I've been looking for a clinic where will be cheap prices for a long time. read a lot of comments and found one which was I thought then very suitable for us. we contacted them, the manager answered quickly and I was surprised. the manager give us all the informaion about rules and options there. we were asked to answer several question like if we married how old are we, docs that improve my infertility and after that manager told us to send the results of some tests, as I was apply for surro on my own eggs as you, I see/ that was a list of test like my brest ultrasound, mamography transvaginal ultrasound permissin from my doc that i'm allowed for stimulation and of course I had to send the level of my hormones ( fsh and lh)

and yes my husband had to send passport karyotype spermogram serro and chest photofluorography

i guess that was all

We sent the results and after that came for a first consultation.

what about price, there were 3 packages of services, we chose one that cost 39.900 euros, Standard if I'm not mistaken./..

all was included there

room in the hotel, driver interpreter meal free consultation

the one thing we paid for was our flight, and of course shopping and other stuff here

that's it


Hi jes7eren. Just wanted to wish you well with this. I did have a lady with a similar condition to you, who did have a premature baby, born at 26/40wks. She survived after a few weeks in special baby care and is now at school. Sadly, she suffered several miscarriages before achieving success. We do have a factsheet on surrogacy on our website fertilitynetworkuk.org if you think it might help. Good luck with whatever you do decide. Diane

Thank you, Diane. I'm happy about that woman, that's great she did this, bit i think it's impossible in my case to have even premature baby able to survive, although it can strech but not that much. But maybe i'm mistaken , i'll check your website, thnks! good luck to you.

Haven't you thought on doing PGS NGS? Firstly, you will increase yr chances of having a problem-free pregnancy. And thanks to PGS NGS you will avoid the risk of occurrence of disease in yr child. Good luck

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what is pgs ngs? I can't understand how this thing can be of any help in my particular case. i don't have a 'risk of disease in my child', i can't bear a child actually

Hi! I haven't experienced surrogacy. We passed ivf with donor egg in Ukrainian clinic. It also specializes on surrogacy. Moreover this country really is surrogacy friendly. You might get interested. Have a look onto surroparents.org. They offer free consultations in London. This is a good chance to find out more. Wish you all the best ;)

Honey, you made a wise decision. I'm really sorry about your problem. But you know, surrogacy is a good idea. Instead of taking the risk of pregnancy and loss on your health, you decided what's better. You saved your baby from losing its life. This way, there will be lesser risk of loss. It's always better to choose what's safe.

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