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Still spotting so caved in 😕

Hi lovelies this is my 3rd day of spotting so I caved in and did a test (I know, I know!) which was negative. My OTD is Thursday and I just can't see it changing by then.

I haven't been cramping as much as I was over the weekend but I've no idea if that's a good or bad sign. The spotting had ranged from brown to pink to light red, often mixed with the progesterone discharge (sorry tmi) but as it's not unusual for me to spot prior to my period starting, so I'm kinda preparing myself for the worst now.

I really hope all you ladies are doing ok and there's lots of positive news to come xx

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It's still early. Don't give up hope yet. Fingers crossed for you for Thursday xx


Thanks Hun, I know some ladies test early and get a bfn only for it to change to a bfp in days but I just have this feeling it's a 3rd failure. Maybe it's just a defence mechanism, I don't know. Thanks for your wishes and hope things are going well for you so far xx

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Still a bit early so there's still hope. I'm keeping my fingers crossed you get a BFP.


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