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Went for my early scan on Monday and was told I was 6 weeks 3 days - saw the heartbeat they said everything seemed FINE!

Yesterday and today I have been having brown spotting, NOT red and NO pain etc. The EPU said it was normal to have some light spotting and only needed concern if it was heavy and I was in pain etc.. got my first midwife appointment on Tuesday where I am going to mention it and don't want to ring the EPU as they did make clear light spotting was normal so just need some positive words tbh..

Feel my anxiety around this pregnant is so bad, OH is saying im always looking for something to worry about - which I guess is true.

Worried that I am so sure something is going to go wrong with the pregnancy that I wont bond with the bump/ baby.

Does that sound stupid?

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Hey! Try not to worry I know it’s easier said than done. I had bleeding when i was around the same stage & it was nothing just one of those things that happened to worry us crazy I think! 🙈 I just took it extra easy until it calmed down. Xx

hjp27 in reply to Hope85

Thanks, my OH said to ring the EPU if im that worried but they made me feel a little silly on Monday and made clear spotting etc was normal and then I spoke to my mum who said the same so I don't want to make a fuss as people are sort of making me feel a tad silly. I will mention it to my midwife on Tuesday.

Felt much better on Monday after the scan, seeing the heartbeat etc and now I have this. Its not every time and there is barely any most times when I wipe (tmi sorry) but think you automatically think the worse don't you?

How long did it last if you can remember? xx

Hope85 in reply to hjp27

Yep as soon as you see any sign of blood you go into panic mode! I think it was even pinky red blood with me and I was away in Blackpool at the time so just panicked. I think no longer than a few days. I’m now 20w pregnant and still worry all the time. Glad your feeling better xx

hjp27 in reply to Hope85

Thank you for your replies!!

Mum has told me to relax or I wont enjoy it, as hard as it is I know I need to. What will be will be.

Congratulations btw, wishing you a healthy pregnancy and baby xx

Not at all. The anxiety is real. You’re the one physically going through everything so your OH won’t really understand why you’re so anxious all the time but I’m my experience it’s completely normal xx

hjp27 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you xx

Feeling anxious through all of this is completely understandable, so please don’t think that will affect your bond with bump/baby! My OH had spotting at around 6 weeks, & even passed a large, red clot. We were positive that it was all over, but a scan showed a flickering heartbeat & all was good.

OH still worried at any little twinge, or pang, & was on constant knicker-watch, despite having reassurance from the clinic that all was ok! I think the anxiety, doubt & worry is all part and parcel with IVF because we all know what a precarious journey it can be!

The good news is, is that she has started to relax a bit now (she’s 15+3), but in all honesty I don’t think the worry ever disappears completely!!! xx

hjp27 in reply to DisneyJL

Thank you for your kind words and im so pleased all worked out well for you xx

Hi I was bleeding on 2 separate occasions @ 5 weeks very light & 6 weeks with clots. I thought it was all over and at 7 weeks I had my first scan and saw the heart beat. I was also very worried.

There are so many stories on here with spotting, light discharge and bleeding. It is very normal. Asking you not to worry is like asking someone not to sleep for 10 days! Please at least be rest assured that it is normal. Definitely the progesterone pessaries for one, whilst essential for most, can cause irritation and therefore discharge. Usually epu won't test or scan unless there is enough blood to fill a pad in an hour, and even then lots of lovely ladies here have gone on to continue healthy pregnancies.

Sending you big hugs xxx

I had brown spotting around the same time and panicked! Had a scan at the EPU but everything was fine saw heartbeat and they said it’s common around 6 weeks. It stopped after a day and not had any since now nearly 15w.

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