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Hi ladies

Well, once again the 2ww has turned my usual calm positivity into crazed, anxiety ridden symptom spotter 😳I'm 9dp2dt and had a very tiny amount of browny-tinged spotting first thing this morning and on a further two trips to the loo as the day has gone on, another very small amount of red spotting. I've also had very light crampy feelings and some twinges very low since Thursday (6dp2dt)

I know there's a chance it could be implantation but it's not unusual for me to spot like this days or even up to a week before my period starting, because of my endometriosis. I also know it's very early (OTD isn't till 13dp2dt) but nethertheless I can't help worrying it's the beginning of the end πŸ˜•

Thanks for listening ladies, I was fine for the first week of this 2ww believe it or not! Xx

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  • Hey Hun I'm so anxious like you to! I'm currently 6dp3dt and I can't help but think the worst. I haven't haven't got any symptoms yet apart from a couple of twinges here and there. My official test date is 5th December. It's my first ivf, yours coukd be implantation bleeding but I myself spot like you as I have endometriosis. I don't have any eggs left in the freezer either :( relying on this one and only embryo x

  • Thanks for your reply Hun, isn't it just awfu. I thought it might be easier after previous failed cycles and I might be more prepared but it's actually just made me want it even more and even more paranoid!

    I too don't have any frosties from this cycle so would have to go through it all again, it's such a daunting thought isn't it πŸ˜”

    Loads of luck to you and let's hope we're very very pleasantly surprised soon. Have you got work/plans to keep you busy for the rest of your wait? Xx

  • I hate this feeling :( I hope it works out for us to. We have to pay for the next ivf ccycle as we have used up our NHS try. I tried IUI before ivf and it never worked but this 2ww is awful as I know we have a successful embryo inside me lol. Hopefully it's working it's magic and developing the way it should. I took two weeks off work and this is my second week being off. Last week my husband and I planned little days out and this week I'm off to my mum's for a few days as my husband is going back to work. How about you? Xxx

  • Hi Hun, we have to have hope don't we but I must admit I'm struggling to keep it up at the minute, I find it gets worse as the 2ww goes on. It feels more like 2 months 😳

    Sounds like you have some lovely things planned, hope you have a good time and it works in taking your mind off it all. I'm not working right now as I was made redundant (from child protection-so a blessing in disguise really) and decided to take some time out while all this was going on. I volunteer a few times a week and do some work for my hubbys company when I can but it's all flexible so that's been very helpful in keeping my mind occupied. I've never not worked before so it was weird and I couldn't do nothing!

    Everything crossed for you, keep us updated xx

  • I had mild cramping and spotting around the same time as you... I'm 23 weeks and still I knicker check every time I go to the loo! Infertility in general makes you paranoid but pregnancy symptoms are so similar to menstrual symptoms (especially when you're on IVF medication) it really is pointless symptom spotting! (easier said I know!) just try and ignore it till OTD. Good luck. X

  • Thsnk you for your reply embiemomma, it's reassuring to know I'm not alone and you're so right about infertility making you paranoid. We're only human I guess (but oh how I'd love an off-button!)

    Really pleased things are going well for you and you're right about symptom spotting, I guess you'd only finally relax when that much wanted baby is finally in your arms. Although I'm not feeling terribly hopeful I will try and stay calm & occupied till Thursday.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply (so early too, I can't sleep!) 😘

  • pregnancy insomnia!! 😫 x

  • Hi, we passed ivf with donor egg in Ukraine. Transferred 2 5-day embies each time (had 2 shots).

    After our shot#2 I started testing at day 4dp5dt knowing it was early but got my BFP in 8dp5dt. I did start spotting a few days after that at 9dp5dt and it stopped after 3 days. My lines kept getting darker so it helped me. I went in for my beta 15dp5dt. I told my ob I had spotting and she said it was implantation bleeding.

    I hope the same thing is yours. Will be praying for this to be implantation bleeding.

    Loads of hugs for you XX

  • Thanks so much for your reply and encouraging words Mel, I really hope you're right. Huge congratulations to you, I love hearing positive stories 😘Xx

  • I had exactly the same symptoms on my last cycle and got a BFP. Fingers crossed it goes well for you. x

  • Thank you Hun 😘 Xx

  • The first thing our consultant said to us after implantation was that we should ignore any bleeding unless heavy because it can mean so many things (or nothing at all!). He said that the only definitive answer is the blood test so as hard as it is, try and disregard it and stay positive my lovely xxx

  • Thanks Sarah that's really good to hear as my clinic didn't say anything about bleeding or spotting. I'm not feeling all that hopeful but I'm going to keep myself as distracted as I can till Thursday and deal with it then. Lots of luck to you too xxx

  • I guess it's just about keeping yourself as mentally busy as possible. Have you tried the app Headspace? That has really helped me. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you xxx

  • Yes I think that's definitely key, although it's always there isn't it 😩

    I haven't used headspace but I do keep hearing about it so think I'll give it a whirl. I love reading and usually do that when I want to switch off but I'm finding it hard to concentrate atm! Thanks 😘Xx

  • Oh yeah I make it sound like I'm some calmness guru but I get anxious all the time at the moment. Meditation is good for making you stay in the present rather than worrying about what may or may not happen which is pretty good for us right? I'm always here if you need to talk xxx

  • Haha! I think you'd be super human if you stayed calm all the way through fertility treatment! Yes it can definitely only be a good thing you're right. Thanks Hun, same to you too xxx

  • Xxx

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