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Good Morning Everyone

So im really confused this morning, I had my EC on 19/10 and have been back as i was under observations for OHSS my last appointment was Monday when they said my bloods came back fine and i needed to wait for AF to come to stop all medication and call for a review appointment, I am having a FET as i was at high risk of OHSS. i have called this morning and they said they haven't got any appointment yet and i will be put on a waiting list is this correct as i havent been given anymore information to what happens next or a date for my FET. just really concered as i have no idea what is supose to happen next as it is my 1st cycle.

can anyone help?

Thanks xxxx

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I had a FET. I was advised to wait for 3 periods then start. I was given progesterone patches to put on for approx 2 weeks, they monitored the lining and advised when they planned to implant.

After ohss it's better to let your body recuperate first as everything will be swollen.

Hang in there, once they are frozen they are fine😘

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