Confused! How long do I have to wait after laparoscopy to request treatment?

Hi everyone. I'm really confused. I had an appointment with a consultant at St Mary's clinic in April after I had a miscarriage in March following IVF in January. The appointment was to discuss FET as I have one frozen embryo. She said I needed to wait 3 cycles after my miscarriage before I could request treatment and that I needed a laparoscopy to investigate fluid found at egg collection. She said once the lap was done I could request treatment straight away. I had the lap done on 18th may where they found hydrosalpinx so clipped my right tube, they found endometriosis and also endometroma of my right ovary. The consultant who performed the surgery said I had to wait 3 cycles from the lap to request treatment which is very different to what the first consultant said.

Please can anyone who has had a lap tell me how long you were told to wait before you were allowed to request treatment for FET?

Also has anyone had experience of FET at St Mary's in Manchester? The consultant told me that once I request I will have a teach session within days, then be sent the medication to start treatment straightaway. However when I rang to speak to someone the nurse told me I have to request a month early so they can fit me in for a teach session and get my medication sorted to be able to request again the following cycle. I am so confused! I keep getting different info from the clinic and I don't know what's right.

Sorry for the rant and questions. This process is hard enough and its made even harder by all the different info and confusion. I have an appointment tomorrow with the consultant who performed the lap to discuss what was found, what was done and what happens next re IVF so just want to feel prepared x

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  • Hello, I had an op to remove both tubes due to hydrosalpinx, and was told I could do my FET right away. I had to wait for my first period before starting the drugs but otherwise no waiting!

  • That's brilliant. Did you feel ready to do it straight away? I'm only a bit worried that where they cut isn't fully healed and it might affect injecting x

  • I had 4 keyhole incisions and was fine after a week or so. You don't start injecting right away anyway, for me I had the op at the beginning of August, then started taking the birth control pill at the start of my next period a couple of weeks later - which allows them to then plan exactly the full FET cycle. I think I started injecting the buserelin middle of September, then finally had my transfer on 5th November.

    The whole process does take a long time so you need to be prepared for that. I was surprised how long, but it took quite a while for the oestrogen tablets to really kick in for me.

    I remember the day after my surgery asking my consultant when I could start prep for my FET and he said "I haven't touched your uterus so you are good to go right away". I had a fantastic doctor and trusted him completely so believe in what he said (and I am now pregnant so he did something right!! :)

  • That's brilliant that your pregnant, congratulations.

    I can't believe how long the process was for you. That's never been mentioned to me. My consultant said it's a similar timescale to the fresh cycle. I requested treatment on Sunday. Not even sure I was meant to but if I go by the timescales the first consultant gave me then my 3rd cycle after my miscarriage will be July and the nurse I spoke to said I should request a month early so they can get me on the teach session, so that's what I did. I'm booked on to the teach session on 29th June so maybe that does mean I'd be starting the meds in July. It's just so confusing. I'm hoping my appointment today will make things clearer. Thanks for all your help x

  • Yes hopefully today they will clarify it all. Just be prepared that it may not happen super fast, but what is important is that it is done properly and you have the best chance of success xx

  • Thanks Katrina. Do you have any advice in the lead up to FET? I've not drank alcohol for months and I've cut out caffeine. Anything else I should or shouldn't do to give us the best chance? x

  • Just stay healthy, don't eat/drink crap, try to go for plenty of walks and relax as much as you can. I also held out until the official test date and honestly found that far less stressful than previous times when I tested early multiple times. Good luck & please let me know how you get on x

  • Thanks Katrina. I'm so glad you warned me about possibly having to wait a while. During my lap they found endometriosis so to give me the best chance for my FET they have given me a prostrap injection which lasts for 3 months to try and reduce the endo. I know it's the right thing to do and I want to do everything I can to give us the best chance but it's such a long time to wait. Booked in for bloods and scan on 1st September so will hopefully be able to start then. It's so hard and I'm finding it really difficult because my family just don't understand, even though I know they are trying x

  • I just gave up on trying to get family and certain friends to understand, and only discussed with people that I knew did understand (at least a bit) and would give me the support or shoulder to cry on that I needed. Its not their fault but unless they have been there people will never truly 'get it'. We didn't even tell anyone with our last FET, except for one friend who had been through IVF. I found a lot of support on this website which really helped me a lot more.

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