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Freeze all

I haven't posted on here for a while as been preparing myself for new round of ivf. I had egg retrieval on tues and got 21 eggs. The most I've had 😁 got 17 fertilised but 12 mature. Called today and mow to 11 which is still the most I've had before.

Thing is i may be a freeze all as i was in hospital with ohss last time. I'll find out on sunday, depending on how embryos are doing as I'm normally left with about 2 by day 5.

I feel fine and eating tons of protein, drinking and other than being a bit bloated and swollen, I'm ok.

Just curious how long is a fet and how long they make you wait to do it after a fresh? The clinic said 6 weeks,so would that mean i use the next period after this one? Never done a fet. Just reading online some clinics tell them to wait 3 months 😣 i understand if you have ohss badly to let it clear from the system etc.. But if I'm just at risk surely after one period should be ok??x x

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We did a freeze all in August (well we only had one, so freeze one) and then had 1 bleed and I'm about to do a FET next week. Clinic said I was ready. Didn't have OHSS, just wanted to try a different approach. So you don't necessarily have to wait!

Good luck for the next few days. Hope lots of your embies make it to day 5 🙏🙏🙏 and you can do a transfer sooner rather than later xxx

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Excellent. So hopefully i shouldn't be wait too long. The nurse did say about 6 weeks but i always hear conflicting things. its my 4th fresh so i know how that all works, just with fet seems so much shorter and less invasive.

My accupuncturist said that embryos have more chance when you freeze as they've not got an environment full of hormones, which I understand.

Even my doctor said my embies don't seem to like that environment and that some don't. Just getting impatient and want them back in. I know long term it'll be the best thing to do.

Good luck 🍀 for next week!! Hope that embryo holds on tight for you! Everything crossed for you! x x


Thanks hon. It's my 4th fresh too. 🙏🙏🙏 for both of us xxx


Are your clinic going to do a blood test to check your levels for OHSS?


No they've never mentioned it was something they could do. They said my estrogen was high on egg retirieval ( unless it is that what they go by) and so was my progesterone. I was under the impression progesterone had to be low for transfer but then you take progesterone anyway which confuses me. Think i may be confused 🤔 need to stop googling as I'm still non the wiser. x


Who knows, they all do it differently which doesn't help.,

Progesterone helps to increase the lining of the womb, so that being high should be good I would believe..,

Don't ever be worried about ringing them and asking them...you'll drive yourself crazy otherwise!!


Ive got several questions to fire at them tomorrow 😁

I will get a call tomorrow morning as it'll be my day 5 so will know more then and know how my embies are doing and how many i got left and if its a freeze or not.

Was doing good until yesterday with googling etc 😂


Hi Soapsuds86. Just wanted to wish you well with all of this. Remember, just to get yourself well before proceeding with your FET. Your little frosties will be quite safe until you are ready for FET. Thinking of you. Diane

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I ended up having a day 5 transfer yesterday with two blastocysts grades 3bb and 3bc. The clinic said it was best to transfer as I don't have fluid on my uterus so doesn't look like i have any ohss 💪

Ended up with no frozen though. Really gutted as had 11 embies on day 3 and then down to two. This happens with every cycle. I feel really gutted as i changed my diet about 3 months before i.started this round ( not that i ate badly before, just added more protein, lentis, less carbs) and i got the same result as last time.

I am grateful i got two blastocysts. Think its all dawning on me now and just been a bit emotional and trying not to be as wont do any good for implantation. Just so upset with all the extra effort i put in this time. Just a bit deflated x


Best of luck for your 2ww fc for you xxx


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