Anyone know anything about Thrombophilia (aka Sticky Blood)? So confused!

After an hour long discussion with my consultant today, I am booked in for a natural FET with my next cycle which should start in the next 4-6 days, meaning that transfer should take place in around 2-3 weeks. I decided on a natural cycle as my progesterone/AMH levels are apparently good and our 2 frozen embryos are of excellent quality and the consultant said she thinks the possibility of success with a natural FET will be the same as with a constructed FET.

This makes me very happy as it means it will all happen during my school holidays (I am a teacher) which will mean my stress levels will be much lower this time round due not only to not being at work, but also not having to worry about taking time off, etc. Also, we've waited 9 weeks for today's appointment and I really want to move forward again as soon as possible. However, after our last cycle ended in a chemical pregnancy and due to the fact that I have a rather strong history of blood clots in my family, it was suggested that Thrombophilia may be a cause of miscarriage. I thought I could just take a few Aspirin and that would sort it out, but apparently it is not that simple. My consultant tells me that taking anti-coagulants when they are not needed raises the chance of miscarriage as it makes the normal spotting experienced during early pregnancy more likely to develop.

The only way I can know for sure whether I need anti-coagulants is to be tested, but they will not do it on the NHS until after 2 failed IVF/miscarriages. To do it privately will cost around Β£250 and could take up to 2/3 months, which means that we will not be able to go with our FET until close to the end of the year.

I just don't know what to do - do I risk the FET, knowing that it could be pointless of I do have inherited Thrombophilia, or just assume I do have it and take Aspirin? Or do I just wait and have the tests? What makes this decision so hard is that we are now paying for all our treatment, so we want to be sure, but on the other hand I will be 39 in March, so time is running out.

Answers on a postcard please..........


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  • Hiya

    I pop in every now and then each consultant is different mine said to start taking aspirin asap as I could be a carrier my pregnancy although ended a 18w due to weak cervix was fine up to that point I was in aspirin 75 mg daily, high dose folic acid and clexane 40 mg daily.... My baby was perfect just born to early...

    I had the test done and was a possibility I could get it so prevention was my option

  • Thank you for replying Tamtam, I hope you are starting to heal. Can I ask how long it took for you to get your results after being tested? Also, who prescribed the aspirin/folic acid/clexane and how did they know what dose to give you? Lots of love and hugs to you. Xxx

  • I had 4 fresh cycles (privately funded) after number 2 I asked about aspirin she said it wouldn't do any harm πŸ™„. Anyways after that failed I went to another clinic and he reviewed my other cycles and suggested I take the test it came back in conclusive but we were already in cycle so he said he will put me on clexane. The tests came back quickly within a week or so, that failed.

    We went abroad that worked I my consultant said he was inclined to continue with the clexane and add high dose folic acid. Just my baby was born to soon. We are going back for a final time and try with the same clinic abroad once we have healed from our loss.

    I wish you well.

    Have they discussed killer cells?

  • Hi Tamtam, My GP has booked me in to do the test on 24 August but I still can't seem to get answers from anyone about how long it will take to get the results. I'm trying to find out about having it done privately somewhere more quickly, but it's proving really difficult to get information. We did discuss Killer Cells and my consultant says that the jury's still out on that. Apparently it has recently been discovered that killer cells in the womb are different to those in the blood, so doing a blood test for it is pointless. She says there is some research currently happening in Warwick to develop a test that is accurate and to see of steroids really do help and my clinic are going to be part of that research, but not for a couple of months yet. Confusing or what?!

    Wishing you all the best Tamtam. Xxx

  • From what I remember it is a specialist blood test and I think my clinic at the time sent it off to Chicago for testing but like I said it was about a week to a week and a half to get the results back. Privately you are looking an extreme cost think mine was several hundreds but I find out it was cheaper somewhere else after I had it done 😑😑😑😑😑😑

    The financial pressure of this journey breaks you along with everything else.

    My suggestion would be to get all the tests done that could prove the answers you need before you embark and rush into anything again.

    Where are you based?

  • I don't know much about this, but just wanted to say I'm so pleased you're able to progress without the further hanging about you feared.

    I'm also a teacher so totally understand the value of doing it this time of year, even if I'd kind of like the work distraction at times!

    Good luck xxx

  • Thanks Daisy - that's so lovely of you. I have plenty of work to distract me before we go back so that's not a problem! We're expecting the call from Ofsted September/October too, so that's an added stress. Good luck to you too and enjoy the rest of your Summer! Xx

  • Hi I was prescribed 75mg aspirin daily with this pregnancy and it's the first time I have ever been told to take it.

    I'm under the care of an obstetric consultant dut to 2 previous emergency c sections and hypothyroidism.

    He said in his opinion every pregnant woman should be taking it.. But only from 12 weeks he told me as it does increase miscarriage risk if one is threatend. It's all very confusing. And I think it's like tamtam said it depends on who you see.

    I can only hope being under consultant led care they know what they are talking about! 😐

  • Thanks misswinky. Unfortunately my miscarriage was a chemical pregnancy, so very early - if sticky blood is the issue, it would probably be too late by 12 weeks. I am going to speak to my consultant again tomorrow so will see what she advises. My mind is a swirl of information at the moment so it will probably do me good to sleep on it. Thank you so much for your reply and the best of luck with your pregnancy. Xx

  • I find it helps to write things down, before you go what you want to ask him. there's nothing worse than coming away and remembering things you wanted to ask! I'm pretty quiet in real life and we were paying by the consultation with assisted fertility so I learnt to come away with answers lol 😊

    Good luck my lovely xxx

  • Absolutely - you should have seen her face when I pulled out my list of questions! But she was very patient and answered them all in detail and said to call her at any time if I needed any more information, so I guess you can't really ask for more than that. Thank you. Xx

  • Hi MonkAK

    I don't know much about this so can't really advise but I just wanted to wish you lots of luck and I hope you can make the best decision for you that leads to success xx

  • Thank you so much Georgina. Good luck with your 2WW and with staying distracted! Xx

  • Lots of luck with your FET Monk - very excited for you :) x x x

  • Thank you sweetie. I'll message you in a bit. Xx

  • Clinic just called to say they have got me in for tests first thing tomorrow morning FOR FREE and results should be back in 2 weeks, which means we should still be able to go ahead with the natural FET this month ...WOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!

    So, so, so pleased! Xxx

  • WHAT?! WOOHOOOOOO!!! Haha this is brilliant news!! Hope the test went well, I'm so pleased for you! Can I come to your clinic? They sound delightful!! haha x x x

  • I know! How great is that?! Blood test was the longest blood test ever - they took 5 vials! It's lucky I have become better at them - this time 2 years ago I would have passed out, hyperventilated, the lot! ...Please do come to my clinic - our hotel is always open!! ;-) xxx

  • Hahaha I'm glad you didn't pass out! And I'm soooo happy that you've got it done and it's going to be on time... it feels like everything is falling into place for you. I'm sure this is a sign of more positive things to come! Don't joke I might just take you up on that offer! ;) x x x

  • I know! This time a couple of days ago I had no idea what would happen next and now it's all moving forward so quickly! I'm not getting myself too excited for the transfer this month as it will be touch and go with getting the results back on time and you know how these things always take longer when you're counting on them, but it does feel like we might finally get some answers. If sticky blood is the issue, we can do something about it. And I have decided that I was being impatient - I am definitely going to wait for the results before having the transfer, as you very wisely suggested! Xx

  • Well it just makes me happy that you know where you're at and to have some answers will stop that doubt in the back of your mind throughout. Very excited for you. Is there anything you will do differently this time? Anything you're going to try or just keep on as you did last time? I think that other than the DHEA for my low AMH I won't do anything different x x x

  • Thanks so much lovely. I think this time I'll just try and relax more, which will hopefully be easier the second time around as you know what to expect. And DEFINITELY not ask my parents to come and stay just after egg collection - that was a BIG mistake! I'll also get up and about a lot sooner after transfer aswell I think. I would like to try reflexology, but it's very expensive, especially as I'm also having acupuncture. At the end of the day, I became pregnant last time, it just didn't last, which sticky blood would explain, so I don't think I need to do anything particularly differently except take whatever medication they give me for sticky blood, if that IS the issue. If not, I may have to rethink! I've read loads of stuff about DHEA recently and it definitely seems to be beneficial, so I think that is a great thing to do. Xx

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