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Appointment went well 🙌🏻

Hi ladies.

We had our appointment today which went better than I thought it would.

First of all he saw us an hour earlier. Which was a bonus and unexpected!

With my large tea in hand we followed him into the office! We discussed all my menstrual issues ( I'd been under one of his colleagues a general gynae)

So after discussing my issues it transpires that along with my low deficient iron anaemia I have also a insulin resistance borderline diabetic. This came as a huge shock. I had my glucose checked earlier this year when I had episodes of feeling of dizziness and nearly fainting started to occur. Until now I assumed it was caused by my anaemia. I think my GP didn't want to worry me and thought I had enough to deal with.

I showed him our tests we had done. The nk wasn't taken seriously. Mainly coz I stupidly thought a blood test was the better test - idiot. Apparently the best one have is the biopsy. Oops. He did say once pregnant he would prescribe? I emailed the clinic where we had the test done and asked if a consultant there would prescribe me steroids ekk...

The consultant said I'm pco and that's what causing my menstrual cycle issues. And weighed me 🙄 has given me a special diet to follow gi diet. I find it hard to lose weight. Again is down to my poly cystic ovaries.

I've been prescribed clomid. He's given me 3 months worth then my GP can prescribe another 3 months worth.

As luck would have it ( rare) I'm on day 2 of my cycle so I can start taking clomifene citrate today. I'm on 50mgx 2 daily between 2 and 6 of my cycle. Ordered new ovulation sticks. Here we go! 🙏

Good luck to everyone hope you all get BFP thanks for being there when I need you- cannot thank you enough. We can do this X

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Sounds like it went well :-)

There always seems to be some new information revealed when you initially go to your first appointment!

What are they suggesting about the borderline diabetes?

There are still mixed reviews about the NK testing. Some say the biopsy from uterine can still change on a monthly basis...

I took 50mg of clomid on days 2-6 for 6 cycles. Again, some people say that after 3 months it's not worthwhile. Are they going to do day 21 blood tests and follicle tracking scans? Make sure they keep on eye on you with pco. Oh and I was advised to take the tablet at night, to avoid some of the side effects! You'll definitely know by your body when you are close to ovulating and sometimes opk tests can be affected by the clomid.

The steroids might be prednisone?

Good luck to you anyway...higher chance of twins!!


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Thanks for the kind words hollibob. As I said to my mum prior our appointment "the good the bad and ugly"!!

3 months doesn't seem that long to conceive on clomid.

My bmi is 30 so he wants to be 24. He's put me on the gi diet. Basically I'm to limit my carbs and eat mostly fruit and vege. With pco raising my insulin it makes it harder to lose weight. At least I have a reason! I brought a gi loaf of bread and I'm really making an effort to follow it. It's easy to do when you tell yourself it's so have a better chance of having a baby.

He's given me 3 months of clomid. I'm taking 2x 50mg between days 2 to 6. He said nothing about scans or blood tests. He also given my GP permission to prescribe clomid if I don't conceive within 3 cycles. I was warned about the chance of twins - 11% he did say you might get more than you bargained for! 😂

After 5 years of ttc it's nice to know why it has happened for us. Feel very positive with having treatment- feels we might have a chance. Trying can be so disheartening.

I've emailed a clinic that treats nk and asked based on my NK cd69 blood test whether they would treat me based on that test. No harm in asking! ( put my mind a ease)

With your pco do you have to follow the gi diet?

Hope that you get a positive on test day X


At least they are giving you some suggestions on what to do.

I've got endo, not pco and was told to do a high protein and low carb diet.

Have you had a day 21 test already to see what your levels are before starting clomid?

It might be worth asking about the tests as otherwise how will they/you know if the clomid is benefitting you and making you ovulate? They should be monitoring you with pco...



Hi Jess - it's sounds like everything has gone really well - full steam ahead! Let's hope this is your time... come on BFP!! :) x x x

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Thank you mommabear16. First time in 5 years off ttc it's nice to have some help! Good luck to you too X


Hi jess1981. Let's hope you get somewhere with the Clomid. It's about time something went right for you! Fingers crossed and thinking of you. Diane

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Thanks Diane. Happy to be finally starting treatment -after 5 years of ttc. X


Glad to hear that your consultation went well! Sounds like you've got a good Dr and he's on the ball. Good luck!!xx

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Thanks Cinderella5. Nice to know why we haven't conceived after 5 years. We were impressed with him. 😊Fingers crossed that clomid does the trick.

How's things going with you? X


I'm really pleased that you are getting somewhere, it's been a long time coming! I've read your posts for a while now & you're so helpful to everyone on here! I'm doing OK, just waiting to start our fresh cycle. Waiting on a letter which is rubbish, I called and got told September, then October! Just want to get started after the disaster we had last time....was left empty but so ready to get back on the horse!! Good luck Jess, you totally deserve a bit of luck!!xx


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