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Freeze all cycle - questions to ask at review appointment?

Over the summer we had our first cycle of IVF (ICSI) which ended up being "freeze all" as I had 28 eggs collected and clinic protocol meant that they would not allow embryo transfer to take place.

Of my 28 eggs, 23 were mature and 17 fertilized via ICSI. On day 2 they froze 5x ave/good quality 4-cell embryos. They tried to grow the remaining embryos on to day 5 and told us that 4 got to the blastocyst stage but were D grade quality and couldn't be frozen.

I know I should be positive that our best 5 embryos are in the freezer but it's so hard not to worry that they won't develop either.

Anyway, we have our review appointment with our consultant next Tuesday and I'm trying to get my questions ready for him.... is there anything that I really shouldn't forget to ask? I presume he will explain the next steps but I don't know how much I can find out about what went on this time - why did they "let" me over stimulate (my drug dose stayed the same through the whole cycle)? Can a large number of eggs mean they are poorer quality? What is the chance that none of the 5 frosties will be good enough to transfer?

I feel like I've been on such a rollercoaster and think the appointment could well end up being a total cry fest so how can we make sure we get the most out of it? Ant hints and tips gratefully received! Thank you. x

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I'm so sorry but I don't have any experience with Frosties. I just wanted to wish you well and hope it all works out for you. x


Thank you xx


Hi MrsB_2013. I'm hoping that your appointment is a week tomorrow?? If so I do have a couple of lists of questions I can send you if you want. There just maybe a few you hadn't thought of asking. I don't have them here and not back in office till Wednesday, but you can email me in confidence if you want them. support@fertilitynetworkuk.org

Meanwhile, hope all goes well with the appointment. Diane


Thank you Diane. Yes, my appointment is next Tuesday, 5 September. I will email you. Cx


Hi. Will sort it on Wednesday for you. Diane


I don't have any experience of a freeze all cycle but after my fresh cycle last year I had 5 embryos frozen, 4 of which I've had thawed all successfully and implanted unfortunately unsuccessfully - hope that might bring some positivity regarding them thawing though. Did you have bloods taken while you were stimming? If not you could ask why they weren't, my clinic took my bloods every other day from day 7 as I'm at risk of over stimulation. Sorry I can't offer much more advice but really hope your apt goes well and you get the answers your looking for x


Thanks 😊 Yes, I had bloods done when I was scanned... my oestrogen levels were pretty high quite early on. I'm interested to know why and what they think it might mean! Sorry you haven't had success with your frosties but it's reassuring to know they thawed ok, thanks. X

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Hi, i had the same happen to me. PCOS sufferer and my meds were kept the same most of the way through my fresh cycle. Lowered on the last 3 days as i had obviously over stimulated by that point. I had no bloods taken until that point either. EC resulted in 34 collected 😫 OHSS confirmed and a freeze all decided. This was in May - today i started meds for my frozen round!

I didn't get offered a follow up meeting at my clinic. My advice would be to ask as many questions as possible. Write them all down. Take a pen & paper with you too.

All the best xox


Thanks for your reply. I hope your frozen round goes well. I think we are hoping to start on day 21 of my next period so will hopefully have an outcome by the end of October. If you don't mind me asking, how many embryos did you have frozen and how old were they? Good luck!! X


That's ok 😊 my clinic starts FET on day 1 of cycle. Seems they are are slightly different.

I only had 4 good enough to freeze from my 34. 17 fertilised - 3 were good enough on day 5 to freeze and one other caught up on day 6.

So we have x1 6 day and x3 5 day in the freezer.

I hope your appointment goes well and you get some answers. I wish i could ask a few questions myself to be honest but for now focus is all on this cycle xox


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