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Hi all.

Anyone else have very faint line on OPK test during predicted ovulation but no positive and still ovulate? I had this a few months ago, thought i hadn`t ovulated but a blood test confirmed i had, my CB ovulation never had a solid smiley face. Is this common? I have had positives in previous months but his month- nothing . I`m on Clomid 5-9, CD 17 and generally have A 32 day cycle.


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Hi I'm the same! I have never even had a faint line but bloods confirm I ovulate. My specialist said said don't worry too much as the proof of raised progesterone is more important. A faint line is still a line tho! Good luck x

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Hi webchick. Might be best to ask you GP to order you a Day 21 progesterone blood test?? The result should read 30 or more to confirm ovulation for that month. I've always thought that Clomid should be taken from Day 2 of your cycle for 5 days?? Good luck! Diane


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