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OPK headache 🤯

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I’ve attached a photo, top test yesterday AM then PM and bottom test this AM.

On Friday my consultant said the follicle was looking ready to ‘pop’ so I think I’m even more stressed as tracking ovulation isn’t really ‘my thing’.

But from the test yesterday I was expecting this mornings to be getting darker in the hope I would soon get my LH surge, that doesn’t seem to of happened though.

Does anyone have any words of advice please?

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Oh God using OPKs is very confusing; after almost 3 years of having them in my life I`ve learned that FMU doesn`t work for me and I have to do it at around 5-6 pm. Maybe it worth trying again in the afternoon xx

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E_05 in reply to Sherry07

Thank you, I was trying around 2pm in the afternoon but maybe il do a bit later today xx

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Sherry07 in reply to E_05

Let us know about the outcome love x

Oh goodness. Sorry I can’t offer any advice. Hoping some of the other ladies can help you out. Good luck 😘 xx

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E_05 in reply to Dunla

Thank you, hope you’re doing okay xx

Switch to clearblue (Clearblue ovulation test digital) The digital ones that only show an open circle ⭕️ for negative or a smiley 🙂 for a positive, none of this “peak” stuff. Honestly the ones I use are so stress free xx

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E_05 in reply to Tugsgirl

That’s what I was using until my consultant told me to switch to these one 🤷🏼‍♀️. Hope you’re doing okay xx

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Tugsgirl in reply to E_05

I’m ok. Frustrating to be given so much contradictory information isn’t it? I was using the cheaps strips and always second guessing but our clinic gave us the clearblue ones on a fet and I haven’t touched a cheapy since (although yea, they are a lot cheaper lol) xx

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E_05 in reply to Tugsgirl

It definitely is, that was why I brought the clear blue ones because I thought they must be better than the cheap ones lol this whole process is such a mind field xx

I used those ones and just used it as a ‘guide’ so started about day 9 of my cycle and then kept track, some months I got the same colour as the control line, sometimes not but I could see a rise and fall. Like others have said FMU is no good, I found between 2-4 in the afternoon best for me (didnt always manage this as I wasn’t going to pee on those at work and hang out in the loos for 5 mins) 😂 I also found they were super sensitive to urine concentration which for me was hard to keep the same day after day too. After a few months I was pretty happy with knowing I ovulated day 13-14 most months and stopped using them. I think the LH surge is hard to track as it changes over hours (quick rise and fall)......try another this afternoon and see what you get. Sperm live up to 5 days inside waiting for an egg so as long as you have sex every other day around ovulation time you should catch it 😊 x oh and forgot to say the egg isn’t released until 24-36hrs after the surge so if it was ready to pop perhaps you just got the tail end of the surge?

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E_05 in reply to Lovefood1984

I’ve been testing that time in the afternoon to and I don’t think I’ve missed it as Friday there was nothing at all. This is for a natural FET so I have to wait for the surge to have the transfer. This is why I hate tracking ovulation it’s never straightforward 😂 thanks for your advice x

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Lovefood1984 in reply to E_05

Didn’t know you were having a FET, sorry! Agree it’s never straight forward though! Fingers crossed for a darker line this afternoon then 🤞 Could they check your follicle at the clinic again on Monday if it’s not clear cut? All the best for your FET x

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E_05 in reply to Lovefood1984

Thank you, that’s what I was thinking il ring them tomorrow and ask because I have had it before where they’ve scanned me and seen I’ve ovulated but the test never showed x

I’ve seen other people on here say that their clinic recommends using clear blue for natural FET.

That’s what I was using until my consultant told me to switch to these ones 🤷🏼‍♀️

Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

Oh confusing stuff these. I used these sticks for a few months and my line was never as dark as the control line but I was Dr to ovulation as it was checked by the GP. I just presumed so long as there was a line it was ovulation but I've since seen others say it has to be dark....sorry know I'm not helping! I would have said from your pic that ovulation is occurring but I'm no expert. I've shifted to trying to chart my temperature.xx

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E_05 in reply to Cinderella5

Hopefully the surge is on its way lol I just don’t want to of missed it but Friday there was nothing so I don’t think I have. I might see if my clinic can scan me tomorrow to see what’s happening especially after all the drama last week! Hope your doing okay as can be xx

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Cinderella5 in reply to E_05

I was thinking that going but your tests that the surge happened yesterday but like I say I'm no expert. Defo to call and get their advice, they'll keep you right! I'm ok ta, just disappointed but will be fine!xx

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E_05 in reply to Cinderella5

Now I’m wondering if I should of started pessaries this morning just Incase 😬

That’s understandable, I will always wish we all got more answers xx

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Cinderella5 in reply to E_05

Oh I'm not quite sure how the natural approach works as I've always done medicated!🤔xx

I was using these ones for my natural fet! I got a strong positive on these but nothing on the clear blue!! When I rang the clinic they asked which I’d used and when I said the cheap ones she said oh we only recommend using clear blue!!! So our natural fet got cancelled and we’re now doing a medicated one!!!

Those tests are so confusing and they drove me insane!! Xx

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E_05 in reply to Lisaworthy1981

Oh how confusing for you, I used the clear blue and then the clinic told me not to use them 🤦🏼‍♀️ good luck for your FET xx

Hi, I’m doing a natural FET this month. I used these cheap sticks. I could be wrong but since your test is fading you could’ve had the surge already? Also you need to hold your urine at least 4h before you do the test or else it might be too dilute to detect the LH. You must have a rough idea of which cd you ovulate and have you come to that day? Also any increase in your body temperature will confirm you've ovulated. I used clear blue too but it didn't work for me at all. Moreover my clinic is not keen on any particular brand and asked me to use whatever works for me.

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E_05 in reply to Ninirk

I wondered had I missed it but on Friday there was nothing at all, the one this morning was my FMU. Tbh I’ve always been told I don’t ovulate so I never bother tracking it so am quite clueless. Good luck for your FET

I tend to get better results skipping first wee (6.30/7.00) and doing the second wee about 3/4 hours later. If it’s too diluted you won’t get a great result - I also find pm tests are fainter x

Don't have any advice but just want to wish you all the very best. Thinking about you and trusting this is your time. Xo

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