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Natural FET without positive OPK?


Hi lovely ladies, I just wondered if anyone had any knowledge on this please because I'm so confused...

I've opted for a natural FET because the meds made me feel quite ill last time and my lining got thick too quickly (11mm at cd8) and with it being BFN I thought I'd try something different.

After my third scan my lining is 9.2mm at cd15 but I still have no dominant follicle or much growth in that department and the nurse seemed confused as the largest only measured 12mm. I have been doing OPKs but obviously haven't had a surge and wasn't expecting to as I have 36-38 day cycles. She went and checked with the doctor and I thought she would say that my cycle was cancelled but instead she said that there's no my lining is good I should just start the cyclogest pessaries right away and I could have my transfer 6 days later...I was so relived I didn't ask many other questions!

But now I'm wondering...what effect will progesterone have? Do I have to worry about ovulation? I will ring the clinic on Monday but has anyone known anything like this? Should I continue with OPKs for now?

Thanks for reading 😘 Love and luck to all

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The aug gone I went through natural frozen cycle and they was happy with follicle that collapse and I when I had my peak day I had day 6 transfer.

They didn’t give me any progesterone us I never had issues with it.

Well didn’t work even though I had two embryos transferred 😔 so in October when we had doctor consultation she advised to take a brake and like a fresh start in new year when we ready to do frozen cycle but medicated one this time...

I have only two frostie left so she recommended to put one each.

How many embryos u will have transfer hun ? It’s bit strange that they telling u to start with pessaries but u didn’t had peak day ? If is natural cycle they want to to everything like Nature does... Maybe u should ring them and double check hun ? Xx

My clinic always give progesterone even with "natural" and they only want me to put 1 back. I have 4/5 blastocysts left but only one of those is high grade. Not sure how much difference that actually makes though as the last one was a 4AA and that didn't take.

Sorry to hear that you didn't have success with the 2 ETs. I think a break is a good idea as it lets everything settle.

I will call my clinic to find out more. Unfortunately all the questions always come to me later. They just said that as my lining is good that's what they are looking for. I will update if I find out more. Thanks for your reply and best of luck for the new year!

They don’t worry about you ovulating in the sense that you may release an egg because usually they tell you not to have intercourses during the ovulation period and before the transfer to avoid multiple pregnancies. I also don’t think you, in your circumstances, have to worry about OPKs because they’ve advised that you will have your transfer in 6 days time which means they must have determined that your lining is appropriate and that you’re ovulating. I had a blood test which revealed my LH surge was happening the day of my blood test and so had my transfer 5 days later. I wasn’t given progesterone on my natural FET so not sure it’s purpose. Good luck...x


That's so weird, if you're having a natural FET I thought it was necessary to ovulate, as that shows your body is doing the hormone bit- unless because you're having progesterone it doesn't matter....? My first planned FET I didn't get a positive OPK went in for a scan and there was no dominant follicle that month so we cancelled it and I did it a month later. If I was you I would ask more details on this from the nurse or doctor xx

Hey, I agree with what Lianna has said. I had a FET on my first cycle and I had to test for ovulation so they could time the transfer. I had to start my progesterone once I’d had a surge on my OPK, I believe progesterone can delay ovulation. At the time they told me it was important so my body was at the right stage. There may well be a simple explanation that I’m sure the clinic can explain. Good luck! xx

Hi Keepingfaith,

Sorry I know this is an old post but I noticed you have done a natural FET which is what I’m in the process of 🤞

I keep getting so confused by the ‘surge’. I use the digital OPKs and you get a flashing smiley when your surge is high and and then the static when peak. So, do you know if it’s the flashing smiley (high) that determines when your Day 0 is, or the static? Hope I make sense? I’m supposed to call when I have the surge but keep confusing myself with which one it is 🤣🤯🤦🏻‍♀️

Any advice is appreciated ☺️ xxx

Hi CLD 😊 I was advised to use the ovulation strips rather than digital as my clinic reckoned they were more accurate. With those you have to wait until the line is as dark or darker than the control line. I found it stressful to be honest because before I got to see a peak result my scans showed that my lining was ready so I was told to start cyclogest so the lining wouldn't get too thick. Apparently the main thing is the lining being ready as you don't need to actually ovulate for the FET as you don't need the egg of course. I loved having less meds but I'm definitely with you on the OPKs and waiting for peak results stressful!

I had a BFN in the end but the blastocyst didn't re-expand as expected after the thaw so I don't think it was because of the natural cycle. I have switched back to medicated now as it seemed a bit less confusing!

Sorry I can't be of more help! With the digital ones I believe the solid smiley is peak BUT if it's flashing I would let them know if I were because they may count that. I had to do OPKs 2 x a day one morning, one evening xxx

Thank you so much for replying and quickly too! ☺️

Actually they mentioned using the Boots strips which have the control line too but also said if I have digital it’s ok so I don’t spend more money - that’s a relief! I just found the digitals easier and also were spot on for me last month when I did a trial run.

Yes so I think I am over thinking this! I keep panicking about missing the egg but I don’t need it anyway 🤦🏻‍♀️ it’s all about the lining and progesterone isn’t it.

Sorry about your BFN. I hope this next one is a better result for you 💕When are you doing your next transfer?

I was doing medicated in Dec but it was cancelled because my lining wasn’t thickening and I had fluid in my cavity so when I was referred to a gynaecologist for hysteroscopy, she suggested natural & then just use the pessaries & possibly a trigger shot but we will see!

You’ve been a great help, thank you. It really helps to talk things over and I feel much better about it. I’m going to start testing tomorrow morning, twice a day & will call as soon as I see a 😄


Yeah I think as long as you do twice a day you will be fine 😊 I prefer the digital ones too you don't have to second guess yourself!

Sorry to hear your December one was cancelled. That must have been so frustrating. It's good to switch things up I think 😊 Although this cycle is medicated I only have one progynova tablet and first scan showed everything was looking good. I'm back on Monday for another scan and doc reckoned I'd be starting cyclogest then (can't remember how many days it 5 or 6 or does it depend?) anyway hopefully my transfer is not too far away 💕☺️

Good luck lovely 😘🤗

Yes and I have a scan booked for Monday morning anyway so will be good to see where things are at.

Thank you. I was really upset but I think it turned out for the best in the end. I think it ends up being 5 from day 0 as high count that and then your actual transfer day makes it 6?! I’m always glad they instruct me with this stuff 🤯🤣

Wishing you lots of luck and thanks again 😘💕xxx

Also I think we are with the same clinic as when someone was asking about experience with that clinic recently we both replied and natural is their specialty so you're in good hands! 😊

Ah yes of course! Is yours in London? Xx

No im in Birmingham otherwise we'd have crossed paths as I'm in for a scan on Monday morning too 🤣😂

Ah haha how funny would that have been 🤣 I’m pleased you feel in good hands too!

A coupe of celebrities have used the London one and I always think they could afford to pay for the best so it makes me feel better 🤣

Oh really?! That is a good sign then. Only the best for us! ⭐️ 🤣 Xx

Yeah one did IVF and had two children and one of the Drs on This Morning froze her eggs with them!

Yes look at us, up there with the celebs 💁🏻‍♀️🤣xx

Amazing! I will do have to do some celeb spotting in Birmingham clinic but not holding my breath 😂 I think London is where it's at! Good luck with everything hopefully our transfer day will be here before we know it 💕🤞🤞

You just never know! 👀

Thanks lovely, looking forward to hearing how things go for you! Xxx

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