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Positive Clearblue OPK, negative OPK & Erratic high temps!?

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Hey guys, any ideas whats going on with my weird body?

CD 17 normally ovulate anywhere between day 16 & day 21. Really sticky CM but increased amounts (my CM is never really watery / egg white anyway). Ive been having dull cramps on right side so took OPK’s, both from same urine. The top is the advanced Clearblue which says ‘high peak’ but the bottom would class as a negative? To top this off my temps are all over the place, higher than they would normally be around ovulation (see pic in comments).

Any idea? Im stumped 😞

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Strike that - wont let me add temp pics to comments but for the past 2 days they’ve been higher than CD1!

I would go by the clear blue as they generally accurate. All can do is tell clinic and go have scan if having natural fet and then will know for sure. I found diff tests cud be diff but clear blue was always correct for me. Unsure about temps but stuff def happening a. Best wishes x

I find with the strips u really have to leave them a while for an accurate result despite the instructions. For example the strip in your picture looks as though the dye hasn’t fully finished absorbing into the test.

Is the line positive now?xx

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Sunshine92 in reply to AJJ123

You’re totally right AJJ123! Went to look at it about 30mins later and it was a clear positive, second line just as dark!

Still confused as my temps this morning both cervical and oral do not indicate im anywhere near ovulation at all 🤔 my body is an absolute mystery 😞 x

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AJJ123 in reply to Sunshine92

You should get a rise tomorrow - I don’t temp because I always forget and I’m so inconsistent.

I bought a thermometer and used it three times 😂

I just stick to the cheap tests tbh I like seeing the lines and I can kind of tell when ovulation is approaching xx

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