At last embryo transfer in sight! (Advice?)

This is the period of time I was most anxious about. Last time we got a phone call saying none of our eggs fertilised but this time, with ICSI 6 out of our 7 have fertilised! :D it's day 2 and they just rang and said one is average but the other 5 are really good quality and all 6 have the right number of cells so my embryo transfer is booked for Monday! I'm so relieved to get to this stage at last! And I don't feel as ill as last time so I hope this is a good sign too :)

Two things I wanted to ask. I've been doing my progesterone injections in the bum and I've done them twice now and they really hurt! I did one 2 hours ago and my bum is still throbbing :( is there a trick to make it hurt less or deal with the pain after?

Also being under 30, the hospital are being really pushy about only giving me one embryo back. Ultimately I know it's our decision but I'm just so confused as to what is the right one? Advice? Am I stupid to consider more than one at my age? I find a lot of the staff are a bit patronising because of my age so I don't feel I can ask.

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  • Exciting times 😄😄 my ET is tomorrow! I'm 38 and there only putting one back in as 8 fertilised. NICE guidelines say they would rather put one back in due to potential complications. But I have a few friends who have had ivf twins. Either way, wishing you lots of luck xx

  • Oh wow really?! So exciting! I wish you all the best for tomorrow *_* fingers crossed!

  • It is interesting how different clinics and even different countries deal with this. I know if the UK they are governed by particular regulations. I have had a full range of 1 to 4 transferred.

    It might be worth finding about if they will freeze embryos etc. Unfortunately I never got to that stage and really had to go with what I had.

    It is a personal decision as well. If you are open to the idea of a multiple birth then maybe push for more than one.

  • Hi DC. They offer freezing so if they're still going strong we will hopefully freeze any spares :) I'm open to the idea of more than one baby for sure but also a friend of ours who had ICSI only had one embryo left at the end but they said if they'd had two they'd have used two. But then the clinic are very against it it seems so I don't know. I've got a few days to think about it I suppose >___< thank you for your advice! X

  • Hi Kitty - it's such a hard decision to make, as we are NHS they made the decision for us. I'm 31 so they originally told me only one egg allowed but as time went on there were more complications and consultant suggested two. Then the nurse told us only one again and when the embryologist called the day before transfer she confirmed one. BUT, on the day of transfer, out of the blue our embryologist said she'd had the go ahead to give us two! What a rollercoaster!

    It's entirely a personal decision, whether or not you could afford twins, feel ready for that kind of a challenge/potential complications that go with it. Whatever you and your partner decide will be right for you, don't feel pressured either way :) Lots of luck for transfer! x x x

  • Yeah I've read up on it from what you and some of the others said and I think if you're under 35 and likely to have a multiple birth if they put two back they're obliged to only out back one unless it comes down to facts like your lining/number and quality of embryos and all that. I think when we talk with the embryologist I'll trust his instincts, he's got us this far and I'd had to push when it might not be the right decision. Thank you Bear! And congrats on your positive too! :)

  • Hello! It all sounds like it's going well! Personally I think you should go for one! Especially if you've got others to freeze. I had one embryo put back and I'm now pregnant with identical twins! Just imagine if both embryos took and you had identical twins with both!!! Arghhh! Good luck!

  • Hi Wizzy! Oh wow really how amazing! Congratulations! Twins run in our family so you're right better not tempt fate if I've got any spare. Me and my husband looked at all your comments and read up bout the pros and cons and we've decided if our others are freezable then we won't push for it unless the embryologist says so xx

  • If they're willing to freeze them then I'd go for one to be honest. Multiple births always carry a higher risk :(. As for the injections are you allowed to do them in a different area? I've always done all my injections in the tummy? All the best xx

  • Yeah me and the husband have read up on it and decided if some can be frozen we won't push for it and we'll just do what the embryologist advises. We did an Embryoscope this time too so he can pick theone that has the best chance as well so fingers crossed!

    As for the injections I did all the others in my tummy but the clinic were very specific about it being in my bum for the progesterone. But I watched a YouTube video under someone's advice and realised I was injecting way too low which was why I hurt myself. This morning wabetter :)

  • I'm having the injections in my bum too and they do get very sore after a while, but we've been doing them for over 11 weeks now and they didn't hurt much at the beginning. Are you injecting yourself or is your hubby doing it for you? You have to make sure you do them high. We watched a YouTube video and it really helped as we didn't have much of a clue!

    As for the numbers being transferred, we didn't get a choice on our fresh cycle and could only have one. However for our FET they let us decide and they put two back. I'm so glad they did as only one took.

    Good luck with whatever you decide and we are all here to help if we can xxx

  • Hi Daisy :) I'm injecting myself as Husband isn't always here at the time of morning I need to do it because of work. I looked up he video though like you said and realised I was doing it way too low x___x it's hard to get the angle right on your own bum lol so I tried this morning where the woman on YouTube did it and it stung but didn't hurt as much as yesterday so I think that's where I was going wrong. Thanks so much you've saved my bottom!

    I think we're going to go with what you and a lot of others say about the numbers and for the fresh cycle only put more than one back if our embryos arent freezable quality. Or unless the embryologist recommends it. And if this one doesn't take and we have to do Frozen we will put two back. Thanks for your advice it really helped! X

  • You are a very brave lady doing your own injections into the muscle! I couldn't even look at the needle for the first few weeks as its so big! The days my husband isn't around I either go to the doctor or to the hospital (but they charge £10 each time). Mine sting as the needle goes in but then that's all, so it sounds like you have hit the right place now.

    Well done brave lady and all the very best for your cycle xxx

  • Best wishes. I find out tomorrow whether I can have my ET on Monday as my EC was on Wednesday. Let us know how you get on. Xx

  • Oh wow mine was Wednesday too Sunny! Potential cycle buddies! Let me know if you're going Monday too :) all the best! Xxx

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