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embryo update/transfer


I had egg collection on Fri and got call from embryologist to confirm 6 eggs had fertilised on Sat morning. They gave me time to go in for embryo transfer tomorrow morning but I thought I would have heard back from them to give update. Is this normal procedure or should I just assume no news is good news?

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6 eggs fertilised! That's great news. I would have thought you would have heard back from them before tomorrow, but maybe they'll give you a call this afternoon. Maybe they have no updates. Give them a call if you want.

annien1980 in reply to ttcemmie

Thanks for your reply yes I was delighted with that. They gave me time for tomorrow for transfer but said if anything changed they would contact me. Hubby is so calm and of opinion they have nothing to update on but I'm getting anxious. Don't want to waste anyone time by calling. The wait for things is terrible! We drive ourselves off our head with what ifs constantly! lol x

ttcemmie in reply to annien1980

Lol I am a massive one for calling the clinic. The receptionist knows me (that's not a good thing - I think she hates me!). They must be used to anxious people though. That's must be 100% of their clientele!

annien1980 in reply to ttcemmie

very true! They must be called with lots of questions all the time. I will wait till after 12 and if no update I'll give them a call then x

Normally no news is good news with embryologists! If you’re worried though you can always give the clinic a call and I’m sure they’d be happy to give you an update x

Hiya. this is completely normal. My clinic tells you how many eggs fertilise and then you don't get any more update until you arrive for transfer. If there's a problem they will let you know - so no news is good news! Best of luck with your transfer!!! xx

AuroraXen in reply to Tryagain45

Yeah same at my clinic... if only a small number of eggs fertilise they told me they ring people on day 2 to suggest perhaps doing a day 3 transfer instead of day 5, but otherwise they didn't call me after that fertilisation call until the morning of the transfer. It's SUCH a nail-biting wait though! xx

Tryagain45 in reply to AuroraXen

I know...the days drag!!! We travel to Spain for donor eggs...so we only find out when we arrive at the clinic in Spain!!! The first time I was so stressed! But I'm used to it now! Our donor is having egg collection tomorrow so we will get fertilised number on Thursday and then nothing til we stand in clinic on Monday!!! Exciting times but stressful!!! X

It is exciting! Best of luck to you 🤞🤞 xx

annien1980 in reply to AuroraXen

Thanks it is so nerve wracking. Don't know how we r supposed to keep stress levels down during this time 🤦‍♀️ xx

Thanks this has reassured me! Xx

Wishing you the best of luck xx

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