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Hi guys. So advice really. My egg collection is booked for next week. Last time I was in agony after egg collection and because we live about 2 hours from our clinic, the cab journey home was even worse. So we were going to book a hotel this time just to give me some time to recover so we could go home on the train the next afternoon (since we can't drive or use public transport directly after since I'll be knocked out for the collection). But the hotels are so expensive even more than a taxi home :( so now I'm thinking...maybe just grit my teeth and bear the ride home?

If do, do you reckon it'll lessen the chances of a successful embryo transfer a few days later? I'm just torn for what to do now. We can't realistically afford it but if it'll help the baby we'll find a way. Advice?

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  • Can't help in regards to taxi or hotel. But don't leave the clinic until your ready, they have a duty of care to look after you afterwards so stay a few hours if need be and take pain relief etc X

  • Thanks Button :) they did give me codeine last time as paracetamol didn't work but the codeine wore off in the car about 15minutes in last time. Maybe they can give me a different dose?

  • I would stay for as long as you can, as button says, and leave when you are strong enough. Personally I would get the taxi straight home as there is nothing like the comfort of your own bed and you have everything you need on hand there. I don't think it will have any impact on the later ET, if it was post that I'd get hotel.

    It's just me, do what feels right for you at the time. This is the time to be utterly selfish.

    Good luck xx

  • Thanks Daisy :) I agree home is where you recover best. It's the journey that killed that time. I have one more scan before I have my collection so I'll ask the clinic if they think the hospital will give me a dose that will help me at least get to the comfort of my own bed. I think like you I just want to be home. Wish they could magic me there lol x

  • Aw that's a shame. I think you should feed this back to the hospital when you go for EC no.2 so they can make sure you've got adequate pain relief to see you through the journey home. A 2 hour journey's a lot to cope with after EC so if I was you I'd maybe check hotel prices the night before & on the morning of your EC to see if there are any rooms going cheaper last minute 😘 x x

  • I will speak to them you're right. It's stupid of me really. I sort of just assumed because I had a lot of follicles last time the pain was sort of a given? They gave me paracetamol and codiene but they wore off in the car :( I'll ask them about the pain relief and if I can have a bigger/longer lasting dose just to get me home and then weigh up last minute hotel prices. Thanks sweetie xxx

  • Aw it's not stupid at all. I think the main thing is that you're kept comfortable after EC, I mean there are plenty of painkillers they can give you. Once you explain your previous experience I'm sure the clinic will do more to make sure you're well looked after without having to stay overnight in a hotel 😘 x x

  • I had a 5 hour drive home after my EC last week. They gave me Fentanyl during the procedure plus a local anaesthetic down below and hardly felt a thing. They also advised me to take 3 paracetamol half hour before and I continued every 4 hours. I had a heat pack in the car and although it wasn't the most comfortable laying in the back I wasn't in pain. I did feel sick and we had to stop a couple of times as they only gave me one anti-nausea tablet for the journey which I had to ask for. Luckily I'm a doctor so we stopped on the way home at a pharmacy and I wrote myself a prescription for some more anti-nausea and some codeine which I didn't need to use in the end. Good luck. x

  • I would recommend being honest after EC and if you are pain make sure the hospital personnel know that before you leave. You should stay as long as you need to.

    I have always gone straight home and I also had a good 2 hour journey back home.

    Take it easy

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