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Pain after egg collection


Hi, I had egg collection yesterday and I am still in a lot of pain, it hurts to walk and to sit. It’s our second cycle and I don’t remember being this sore last time. We only had two eggs collected so it’s not even as if I had loads of follicles. I did call the clinic and they said to call again tomo if it’s no better. I’m now a little concerned why it’s so sore. Anyway else had a lot of pain after egg collection? Xx

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Hey, I had severe pain after my 2nd egg collection nothing like my first - I spoke to my clinic and it turned out I had an infection. If your not feeling better tomorrow id definitely ring them again and maybe ask if you could go in so they could check you over xx

gemmy999 in reply to E_05

Thank you. I will call them again tomo but hope it’s feeling better. Just worry about complications for egg transfer. Xx

E_05 in reply to gemmy999

I was exactly the same but I was able to go ahead with a day 5 transfer. Fingers crossed your feeling better soon x

gemmy999 in reply to E_05

Thanks. That’s good to hear. Hope your well x

I was in a lot of pain after my last egg collection it took about 4 days before I could walk properly! Hope you feel better soon xxx

gemmy999 in reply to lianm8

Thanks for your reply. Hopefully it’s nothing to worry about then. Xx

I was exactly the same. Just try and rest as much as possible, drinks lots and take paracetamol. It will pass. C

gemmy999 in reply to Lynn31181

Thank you for your advice x

Sorry you're feeling so poorly! I actually wrote an article all about egg collection ("Egg collection: all your questions answered"). It contains lots of practical information and advice, as well as a number of firsthand experiences from fellow members of HealthUnlocked.

You can check it out here:

gemmy999 in reply to mishslade

Hey, great thank you. Look forward to reading it shortly. X

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