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Egg collection ✅


So after a few disappointing scans and egg collection being postponed from Monday because of the size of my follicles I eventually had egg collection today.

I had massive anxieties about egg collection especially fearing I would be awake through the procedure but I shouldn't have worried one minute I was awake next I could hear a nurse saying my name and it was all over. I had a bit of pain and discomfort afterwards but codeine and paracetamol sorted that out.

They retrieved 15 eggs which I'm really pleased about and now we are anxiously waiting for the call tomorrow to find out how many, if any have fertilised 🤞

I have been told to keep an eye out for symptoms of OHSS as I was the high end of "normal"and I do feel bloated tonight but thinking it's more wind than anything sinister as I haven't eaten or moved around much today.

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Congratulations 15 eggs is amazing, well done 🙂 Good luck for the phone call, hope you get lots of embryos 🐣 xoxo

That's brilliant! Xx

finger crossed for you!!! the wait for the phone call felt so long for me, resist hun !! x

Great number of eggs, keeping fingers crossed for you for the phone call xx

15 eggs....that is so amazing, well done you! :) Hope they all fertilise and produce embryos for you. Keep us posted Xx

That’s fab news! Fingers crossed for tomorrow 🤞💕 xx

Oh wow. That's amazing. Good luck tomorrow xx

Wow, that’s amazing.x

15 is amazing!

Well done.

I’m writing this whilst sitting on the waiting room for my own EC.

Good luck for tomorrow

Leannefb in reply to CatDV

Good luck with egg collection today xx

Amazing news - 15 eggs is great. Good luck xxxx

Brilliant work! Hope it's good news for you today x I'm in the same boat 🤞🏻🤞🏻

🤞🤞 for both of us xx

Wow thats a great number of eggs! Good luck for the call today!xx

Just had the call from embriologist out of the 15 eggs collected, 12 were mature and as of this morning 5 have fertilised. Embriologist said this was a good number from a retrograde sample.

Will get another call on Saturday with an update it's very unlikely all 5 will make it but she's positive at least 1 will make it to 5 days.


genten in reply to Leannefb

Willing you and your embryos on for Saturday xx

Hidden in reply to Leannefb

Brill news, will keep everything crossed for you. I hope you're feeling better today xxx

Tugsgirl in reply to Leannefb

All good so far.. Keep up the good work little embryos xx

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