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Ovarian ultrasound and HSG

Hi ladies, I hope everyone is starting the week well. I just wanted to say that I was experiencing some confusion with regards to the path that I'm on, and have need a bit of a release.

Our initial GP diagnosis was male factor infertility, but once we got to the infertility clinic that was somewhat dismissed and they have been busily looking at what could be wrong with me. So far everything has come back absolutely fine, which is excellent. My blood tests are great, and I had the ultrasound today which revealed good health of ovaries. I was even able to see a follicle right about to burst, the nurse scanning me said it was literally right about to release an egg! That was cool to see.

They want me to have a smear and HSG now (HSG terrifies me) and are refusing to discuss my husband's sperm. The nurse I saw today said that all these things being done with me are part of a checklist for ivf/icsi, so almost crossing everything to assess suitability/chances etc. But the consultant said that ivf didn't need discussing, and that my husband should vitamins etc whilst they explore me.

I guess my main questions are did anyone else go through this in the lead up to an eventual ivf type conclusion? And is it normal not to focus on a poor seamen analysis? If they were trying to ease worry it's unfortunately had the opposite effect as my husband now thinks that we've got a good chance of natural conception as they weren't focusing on his sperm, and I've been a nervous wreck at each test. Thank you all in advance xxx

P.s- does the HSG hurt?

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Hi, my husband had two poor sperm analysis (poor motility and low count) and all they did for me was a day 21 blood, FSH bloods and an ultrasound scan. They had pretty much decided that we were having ICSI from the outset and didnt do any further checks on me apart from AMH, HIV and hep nearer the time of us starting so I havent had my tubes or anything checked! Did they tell you what the sperm analysis results were? Perhaps they werent as bad as you think?x


Thank you, this is what I initially thought should be happening. Yeah they gave us the results after his second analysis. Motility and morphology were both below 4%. Count was lower than average, but not terribly low. The GP was pretty conclusive that there was a problem, but the fertility clinic have been a lot more vague xx


Our results were less than a 1 million per 1ml but good volume (they just said low motility) so we definitely had problems so maybe that's why they didnt bother checking me. Im not sure if you are NHS or Private funded or if it even matters but I would ask them why you are having to go through all the tests if indeed you're heading for treatment on the basis on your husbands results. Ive asked loads of questions and I feel like a pain but Im sure they understand its all a lot to take in! Good luck. Ive obviously not had the HSG but know someone that did and they said it wasnt as bad as they imagined. Im sure other ladies on here can help with that!x


Thank you very much, I think that's my problem really. I've been a bit too overwhelmed during appointments to ask all the right questions. I'm having treatment through the NHS, and I'm in an area only entitled to one round of ivf so perhaps that's why they're not rushing it. Thank you again, it's great to have a place to share these things xx


Hi JC10133. Try giving hubby a good quality multivitamin tablet and some extra zinc and selenium. These can sometimes help with the motility of the sperm - the way they swim. The HSG can be uncomfortable, but most women are OK with it. I would take some paracetamol at least half an hour before you go, and if you feel you need it, ask your GP to write you up for a mild sedative too. They like to check tubes out for blockages or closed ends (hydrosalpinges) which can interfere with implanting embryos, due to excess lubrication flowing back into the womb. All good reasons to have everything checked out, then hopefully you can soon get under way with your IVF/ICSI if that is decided for you both. Good luck with it all, and let's hope you don't have to wait too long. Diane

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We went to a private clinic as NHS wouldn't treat due to my age. Although NHS had done some of the tests we didn't have the results so the clinic did everything on both of us to plan our treatment. The conclusion was we needed ICSI due to hubby's low numbers, odd shapes and poor swimmers. The consultant put us both on high dose folic acid and vitamin C to try to improve quality, plus vitamin E for me. Later sperm analyses were variable so ICSI was used for each round.

HSG doesn't hurt, just a bit undignified (you soon get used to that going through tests/treatment) and a small sharp pain as the dye went in which went immediately, similar to a smear test in many ways. I took paracetamol beforehand but really didn't need it. I'm a wimp so was really worried about it beforehand, most painful bit was paying £350 bill afterwards!

If they haven't answered your queries about hubby's sperm results ask at your next appointment or ring the nurse/secretary.

Good luck.

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