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HSG finally done... Need help with fertility diet!

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Hi ladies

So I finally had my HSG scan today. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The speculum was the worst part. When the inserted the dye I felt a bit if pressure but as soon as it was over all pain has gone. I followed instructions and took 1g paracetamol and some ibuprofen before I went and it seemed to Do the trick. So ladies dont be too worried it wasn't that bad for Me, although i can appreciate that everyone's experience is different.

The scan was the last of mine and hubby's pre IVF tests and everything has come back looking fine (phew!) . The prolactin result I thought was raised was actually normal.

Now I have to really focus on getting my body and mind ready for the IVF journey. This is where i need your expertise and experience. I have read a lot about an IVF/ Fertilty diet and I'm still unsure what I should and should not be eating.

Can anyone offer any advice on what diet should be eating?? I have dietary restraints.

Any cleansing herbal medication??

I have started a yoga course this week which was amazing and really allowed me to relax and will be starting accupuncture next week!

Eeekkk here's to preparations!

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There's a book by Emma Cannon called 'Fertile - Nourish and Balance' it tells you what foods you needs to eat at each stage of the process it's really good. Off the top of my head some of the foods I've included in my diet are avocado, beetroot, maca powder. I've also cut out caffeine and alcohol xxxx

Thank you so much. Will defo have a look into this. Iv read that during the cycle you have to include a large amount of protein... is this correct?

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Lamorna80 in reply to rinsp

Yep, but ideally plant based protein. I added a lot of chickpeas etc to my cooking & started drinking kefir x

My husband and I both gave up caffeine and alcohol 6 months before treatment. We also ate a balanced diet, with plenty of protein and avocados. Good luck with your treatment. xx

Get the 'mindfulness for ivf' app :)

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rinsp in reply to Lamorna80

Is this app only on iPhone?? I can't find it on the google play store. The only one I can find us 'mindful ivf it has a picture of a brain with headphones on??

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Lamorna80 in reply to rinsp

That's the one! I use a combination of that, headspace and downloaded a zika west meditations for the stages of ivf. I have a stressful job and need to force myself to relax!

I would suggest that you eat a healthy and balanced diet, but try not to get too focused on eating specific things at different points in your ivf. I got hung up on eating certain things before (pomegranate juice, blueberries and dairy) and after (pineapple) the transfer and it added to the stress and the constantly thinking about it. My first round was unsuccessful.

With my second round I was way more chilled. I ate well but didn't obsess about getting certain foods in my diet and I'm now 13 weeks :)

This is just my opinion but I think if you eat well (some protein, loads fruit and veg, dairy and good carbs and fat) then you have a good chance of success.

Good luck :)

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rinsp in reply to Kempton

I think that is great advice. I guess there is so much info on the IVF diet do's and donts that you don't know what to do and you can't follow everything.

Following a balanced diet sounds like the best way possible. Just unsure if to take any "uterus nourishing " supplements

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Kempton in reply to rinsp


What tests do they do for IVF? I've had blood tests, smears, HSG, external & internal scans. There's more tests to come!?!?

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Kempton in reply to Katybetter

I had to go through surgery. Laparoscopy or something. I have a horrible scar now - small but I hate it. It was to make sure I didn't have endo or anything I think.

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Katybetter in reply to Kempton

Oh I see. They've already said I'm clear of endo but I haven't had surgery. It's never ending...

Lots of people don't have surgery, it's not a prerequisite for ivf.

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rinsp in reply to Katybetter

Surgery isn't always something you need. If your team are happy with the investigations you have had you may not require it.

I just gave up alcohol and caffeine and ate healthy. I also gave up on as much chemical products as possible using cocoa butter moisturiser, a sulphate and paraben free shampoo and deodorant not using nail varnish etc.

These things may or may not have helped it work but it made me feel like I had a little bit of control in the rollercoaster of ivf x

Hi, sorry if this sound like an advertising thingy but seriously, i found this site naturalfertilityshop.com/Ar... helpful with a lot of fertility how tos and the newsletter is quite helpful.... you may refer this as well to your doctor if their suggestions can be used by yourself. :)

Zita west IVF diet book and hypnotherapy CDs were helpful, Helen McPherson IVF belief CD, I was on COQ-10, chlorella and high grade fish oil in the prep stages, like others have said avocado, lean and plant based protein, no red meat, acupuncture, no alcohol, tons of water...hubby on wellman and cutting down booze....it can all start to get a bit obsessive but I think you need to feel as in control as possible and like you have given it your best shot! Wishing you all the very best!x

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