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Had a HSG and feeling very hopeful 😊


Hi everybody! I am new here.

My husband and I are trying to conconcieve for 1 year and 4 months. I had a HSG done 2 days ago and both tubes inblocked!! Very happy with this result, although it doesn’t exactly solve our “problem”.

Everywhere I read about HSG it seems that 100% of the comments are from women that got pregnant soon after this procedure, which makes me very hopeful (and I am not the optimistic kind of person)

Is this the case though? Or people the got pregnant after the procedure are more likely to comment. My pessimistic self is trying hard to lower my expectations to avoid big disappointment s

Wish me luck!

And of course, good luck to all of you

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Hi lovely. There are anecdotal reports that women do fall pregnant after an HSG but no definite numbers behind it. It is great to be hopeful and I don’t want to burst your bubble. I was the same- so excited after my HSG as someone else told me that they fell pregnant after their HSG. My result showed normal tubes but I did not get pregnant afterwards.

Keep hoping though- you could be one of the lucky ones! Just don’t read anything into it if doesn’t happen. Good luck!! X

CatDV in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your testimony! I will try to keep positive but with what you said in mind. in which stage are you now? Did the doctors find out any reason for infertility so far?

Lots of love xx

CatDV in reply to Hidden

I read your story now (since I am new didn’t know I could do that, sorry for asking) Very sorry it didn’t work. All the best for the future xx

Hidden in reply to CatDV

No need to be sorry for asking. It’s nice to share as I don’t talk about it much with my friends (they all have lots of children). All our tests have been normal so we are “unexplained”. Wishing you lots of luck with your journey. This is a great place to share and ask questions. Xxx

HSG last January discovered my tubes to be both blocked permanently and the start of my ivf journey so I'm so pleased that for you the HSG actually worked - a colleague of mine had the HSG and it unblocked her tubes and she fell pregnant the following month. I hope this happens for you too x

CatDV in reply to Scarlett13

Hi Scarlett 😊

Glad for you colleague! I read a lot of positive outcomes!

Sorry about blocked tubes 😕

Before the procedure the nurse asked me if I was nervous and I said a little bit. She said to relax, that it wouldn’t be worse than a smear test. I was not even worrying about the pain at all, only the result! Probably I should have because it was the most painful thing ever..,

Anyway, thanks for the good wishes and for the succeceful story of your colleague

all the best for your ivf journey xx

Scarlett13 in reply to CatDV

All the best to you too and thank you. Due to complications I had the HSG three times in one week! The first time took an hour and I fainted from the pain. It was so horrendous xxx

CatDV in reply to Scarlett13

Sounds terrifying! Can’t imagine having to repeat it!


Hello, my radiographer said for the two months after you can have increased fertility. I was as hopeful as you but sadly it didn’t work out that way. We have unexplained infertility and in our first round of ivf currently. Wishing you all the best whichever path you end up on! Xx

CatDV in reply to Elizabeth86

Thank you my dear!

It must have been quite disappointing 😕 very sorry you were not one of lucky ones.

Best of luck on you ivf treatment xx

Good luck with your first round xxx

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