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Anyone had inconclusive HSG?

I had an HSG last week to check for suspected hydrosalpinx. I was pretty scared and poised for either good or bad news.. I actually got neither. The nurses were refusing to tell me anything, and said that although they would normally do the follow up, in my case I need to see the consultant.

I pushed and pushed and they eventually told me I had dye come out on one side, but couldn't confirm for the other. They seemed quite negative and very much avoiding telling me anything.

I got quite upset as I just wanted to know, good or bad.

Has anyone else had this kind of inconclusive result?

My consultant saw what he thought might be a hydro during my last IVF cycle, but then the ultrasound looked better, but again inconclusive, hence I was sent for the HSG.

Confused now as to what might be going on!

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hiya, on my hsg, they refused to tell me as they wanted the expert to revi ew and my fertility consultanttold me the outcomes at the next scheduled meeting - I think this is actuallty normal. My flow was slow, but they actually thought that the tilting and pushing the die through cleared any potential blockage, so they were happy with the outcomes for mine.

Good luck.


Thanks, that's good to know. It's just strange as the first time I had one, they told me there and then that I needed a laparoscopy as my tubes were blocked.

This time he nurse said nothing, except that normally she would manage the follow up appt but in my case she wants me to see the consultant.

Luckily I got a cancellation for July 10th so not too long...


Hi maccerpops. A worrying time for you I’m sure. Perhaps the nurse saw the hydrosalpinx that your consultant originally suspected, I don’t know, but I do know that they are not supposed to report on anything they do find. Your consultant was right in ordering your HSG, just in case anything needs to be sorted out before you go for your next IVF, to give you the best outcome. As you say, not too long to wait which is good. Remember, that although it is all very daunting, you will get sorted, the sooner the better. Diane


I had pretty much the same thing they told me no dye came out either side but failed to mention that I had fluid in the tubes. I had them both removed in the end. Hope you get the answers you're looking for.


Hi maccerpops I had a hydrosalpinx removed on Friday. The surgeon said it was small not big but they removed it because I had asked them too and she told me I have the best chance of pregnancy now. I would definitely get your tubes sorted even if they say the hydrosalpinx is small and would just leave it still don't hesitate to remove them as you don't want anything being negative towards your embryos. I did not shed one tear over removing my tube on Friday its made me feel like ive done everything I absolutely could to give me the best outcome, I also requested a hysteroscopy to check my uterine cavity and they even asked me why I wanted that done and I said because its piece of mind for my self and they did it for me. The results showed normal uterine cavity and no pathology so it is reassuring to know this now. Try to get this done too and remember its your IVF cycles not theres and you do not want to waste them.. Good Luck xx


Hi yes I know this well, but my point is that I hope I do not have hydrosalpinx at all!


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