Whats Next after HSG?

Hi Everyone,

Me and my partner have been TTC for just over 18 months now, I've only had one natural period since last October when i had CIN 3 removed from my cervix i also have never had a positive ovulation test so the chances have been really slim! I was refereed to a fertility specialist at my local hospital and she sent more for blood tests and a HSG and my bf for a sperm test, I had my HSG and its showed my left tube to be clear unfortunately my right was in spasm so it could not be checked. Tomorrow is my next appointment and im so excited! Its been 3 months since my last one...does anyone know what is likely to happen next? Im hoping i will but put on a corse of Clomid, Any advise would be great! Thanks C

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  • I was surprised to be referred straight for IVF but that's because I had a blocked tube, am older, had already had 2 laparoscopies for endo and no ovulation problems. I'm guessing your next step is to sort out your cycles. Good luck! (by the way if you're 38 or over and desperate, the NHS guidelines create wiggle room to allow doctors to refer you straight to IVF if they believe it's your best chance so worth bringing up if that fits you).

  • Thanks for the reply! Im so nervous just hoping i dont have to wait a further 4 months for another appointment

  • Hi Charlottej. Just hoping all went well with your appointment yesterday. Good to see that you are rid of your "nasty" cervical cells, so that you should be good to go with any fertility treatment you need. Good luck and thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane, The appointment went great i couldn't be happier than if i was pregnant, My doc has prescribed me Provera to bring on my Cycle and a 3 month supply of Clomid, My estrogen levels were not as they should be but my doc isn't to worried...I guess its just a waiting game now, Is there anything more i could be doing to help things along? Any advise would be greatly appreciated :)

  • Hi Charlottej. Well, that's all good news. Hopefully when you start the Clomid, it should help with your estrogen levels. Just make sure you keep to a healthy BMI, eat healthily too and perhaps some exercise - not too much though - maybe just walking/swimming. Too much can put your testosterone level up, which you don't want. Good luck and I will be thinking of you. Diane

  • Hi Diane,

    This morning i had my first positive ovulation test in nearly 18 months! Im happy but also a little concerned as im half way through my 5 day corse of Provera, Shall i carry on taking it? Also as the test was positive does this mean i am ovulating or about to? Its all so new to me im nervous/excited Thanks C :) x

  • Hi Charlottej. Yes, it does mean that you are about to ovulate, which shows that the provera is having the right effect on your body. Just carry on taking them as instructed, then take the Clomid on the 2nd day of your bleed, as I'm sure you've been told. Good luck with it all! It is confusing, but you will get the hang of it. Diane

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