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Which day to do progesterone test !!!!

Hello everyone im new to this

My periods are not regular I have a period every month but either 4-5 days early or late however since jan 16 they have been 1-2 day early or late. On my first appointment at the hospital I was asked the question are you periods regular isaid yes. Ithought by this she meant if I have a period every month but she ment if I had period every month on exact date. Irelised this after I left the clinic. The dr gave me blood tests to take according to what I told her. She wanted me to go for blood test on cycle day 3 for fsh lh hirmone. And day 21 progesterone test. But should I not be going for progesterone blood test on a later cycle day like cycle day 26 as my cycles are 32-35 days long. But since jan my cycles have been






13may these are my period dates so when should I go for progesterone test dr says cycle day 21 but im so confused becuz now dr is saying dont do it at all as ive had 2 periods in april

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I actually forgot to mention after dr said dont bother with progesterone but I went on day 26 and did it any way but now im thinking after looking at my period dates I should have just went at cyclecday 21


Hi bibi_16. I think I would have gone for the Day 21 testing, as loking at your cycle dates, they are mostly regular. You will have to see what the result is for your Day 26, and if it an abnormal reading, then ask for a repeat on Day 21. good luck! Diane


Could you ring the consultant's secretary and ask for advice?


Heloo yes I did ring secretary she said no just do the test on day 21. At the time I just did it on day 26 but I didnt relise that ihave been pretty regular since jan. But I have a repeat progesterone test for june so ill go n do it on day 21. Thanks for your help


This happened to me when I was going for my tests. I used to be as regular as clockwork but then my cycles went all over the place and began to shorten. I was still advised to do the test on day 21 and they can make some calculation to compensate for the shorter cycle. However, in the end they didn't go by these results at all - they used my amh levels as it's a more reliable test that doesn't rely on particular days of your cycle.

As Pm_27 says though, you should ring the consultant to get a definitive answer.


Hi thanks so much guys for your reply I feel so much relaxed now. Im just so glad this sitecexist and all you lovely ppl. I still have another blood test paper which I can take to hospital in june and get the progesterone done again n this time ill go on day 21. I dont feel alone now. Theres lovely ppl on this site. Im glad I came across this network while doing research. X

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Yes, I think it's one of the best forums around. No one makes any judgement whatsoever and all very supportive. Hope you get your blood test sorted!


Hello Diane . The Secretary phoned me about this progesterone test and I told her my af dates since jan she told this to the dr and he said that the cycles are irregular and no more blood tests to be carried out. Im worried now.


Acupuncture is supposed to help regulate cycles, maybe something to look into? Otherwise, can you request an AMH test to check ovarian reserve?


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