Clomid and confused

Hi all out there im on 1st cycle of clomid 100mg took 1st tablets day 2 last on day 6 as doctor instructions. But had day 21 blood test and result was disappointing my level was 21. Have read that other women take on day 5 of cycle thru to 9. Im 5 days late having cramps but negative hpt. My cycle is normally 23 days. Is this normal to be so late on clomid does any women out there have short cycles and take clomid day 2 to 6. Need a bit of enlightenment.

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  • Whether you start clomid on day 2 or 5 wouldn't generally make much difference although as your cycle is short, this will be why your Dr suggested day 2, to ensure clomid started working with your follicular growth. Your day 21 test was presumably for progesterone, which does look a bit low. How many follicles did you have? After ovulation the corpus luteum will give off the progesterone, and the more there are, generally the higher it will be. Around 50 is about normal for one follicle, so either something didn't quite go to plan I would suggest, or you have a low progesterone level (which abbé supplemented).

  • Thanks for your reply really appreciate your feedback x Going to start 2nd round on next cycle hope this goes a bit better x

  • Just make sure to have some scans to look (a) at follicle growth and (b) at lining (clomid can produce a thin lining due to the way it works). Also get another progesterone test; you may need extra (cyclogest pessaries). Good luck.

  • Hi there, I took it days 2-7. My cycles are usually 26 days, but Clomid lengthened them to 28 days- I know other women have experienced 'perfect 28 day cycles' on Clomid too. I didn't get pregnant on it though- I hope you have better luck than me!

  • Thanks for your reply does help me alot. Sorry it wasn't successful for you. Im hoping next month will be more successful for me x

  • Thankyou for your reply. Im waiting for af 5 days late but negative hpt. Feel i dont know what my body is doing. Luck is what we all need right now x

  • Hi.

    I took 50mg clomid on days 2-6 of my cycle.

    My "normal irregular" cycles before clomid could be anything between 21-28 not including pre spotting, but during clomid it averaged about 26 days + pre spotting.

    I'm not convinced that day 21 blood tests are accurate for everyone due to different cycle lengths and there are some days it falls on a weekend meaning that it's done further away.

    I was taking it for 6 cycles, they only did the first 3 months of day 21 blood tests, lost one set, no follicular tracking and no pregnancy.

    Saying that, I now believe after having a missed miscarriage through IVF, that I had a chemical miscarriage in the March towards the end of the clomid. It got poo hoo'd by the nurse over the phone, as it was around the time my period should have been arriving, but at the time I had asked her if it could be a ectopic due to the immense pain I'd had leaving me curled up on the floor + nearly fainted etc.

    When I went for my 6 month review a couple of months after, the Dr then decided he would send me for an internal scan to check the previous pain situation and the sonographer questioned a possible chronic ectopic meaning I had to have fast time blood tests to check for pregnancy came back negative (unsurprisingly two months on), but the scan did show one of my ovaries was a totally different size to the other + some tiny cysts which wouldn't have caused the pain I had, but again there was no follow up after this.

    I have rambled on I know, but looking back, I wish I questioned the Dr more about the procedure, but probably like most women was just happy to be getting some help...

    Ask your doctor:

    If day 21 blood test is best for your period cycles;

    What the blood test results should be;

    Can you have follicular tracking;

    My mind had forgotten the last point!!

    I honestly feel now that it was just a tick in my Drs flow chart to move me onto the next stage of an IVF referral....but there are lots of people that have success with clomid, so don't be put off by me!! :-)

    Wishing you lots of luck x

  • Oh sounds like you've had a rough time with it all. I feel that the lengths we go to are unmeasurable but can be really testing. Im very confused with clomid im 5 days late but negative hpt. Dont feel pregnant but think its late from clomid. My doctor said she is going to refer me so we'll see what happens next. Im new to this forum advice and appreciate your feedback...wishing you all the best x

  • Hi Dom77, what comes to my mind is that testing on day 21 was maybe not appropriate to your cycle, since it tends to be short. The test really shouldn't be day 21 but day 7 post ovulation. My nurse kept doing the same error and I had to keep correcting the date as she couldn't be bothered to understand everyone doesn't ovulate on day 14. What I do to know when I ovulate is charting the temperature- I recommend you to do the same so you do your next progesterone test on the correct day 7 post ovulation.

    That being said, I've been on clomid (50mg) last month for the 1st time and I had a weird cycle - seems my body was "adjusting to it": For the 1st time I actually did ovulate on day 14 (normally I do around day 18-19) but then my cycle was very short overall (22 days). Started it again this month so we'll see how it goes 😉

    Another thing you can ask your doctor for (and it's actually good if you had low progesterone results) is for him to prescribe you progesterone (pessaries or injection) to start after ovulation. This should help keep your progesterone levels high (even if it's"artificially") enough time for the embryo to implant (if fecundation happens). You normally do that until the day before AF is due (normally 14 days post ovulation to allow for normal times for implantation) then take a pregnancy test - if negative, stop the additional progesterone and allow for the new cycle to begin, if positive keep taking the progesterone!!

    Hope this helps (and do track your temperature if you don't already! :))

  • Hello. I am on my third cycle of clomid 50 mg. It hasn't lemghtenedy cycles, but I hace read it can happen. In theory, it increases the amount of progesterone u produce, so it could increase you lp.

  • Definitely chart your temperature when on Clomid as sometimes it can give inaccurate results on ovulation sticks. Also, if you do get to have follicular scanning make sure they are also looking at your endemitrial lining as Clomid can sometimes make this thinner.

  • Thank you everyone for your comments really has helped hearing your advice. Best of luck to you all.