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Accupuncture to help me get period


Do you know if Accupuncture would help me get my period? I'm 6 weeks late. 

I have my appointment today to discuss starting IVF again, and to get my result from hysteroscopy. 

I rang ACU yesterday just to check who I'll be seeing - apparently they were chasing my result and I would be seeing a nurse who will go through my protocol and dates ect but she said it all has to work around my period. 

I've felt like I'm going to come on for a while but nothing ever appears. 

I know it's all mucked up from me using that spray on last cycle that was cancelled. 

Any tips on how to bring on period would be great as I want to get going on new cycle. 

Will give u all an update on how appointment goes later. Xx

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One of my colleagues highly recommended accupuncture to me for that very reason, she actually was able to have her period brought on by accupuncture.  I will be using Accupuncture when we start our IVF but can definitely recommend Accupuncture for exactly what your looking for.

I would also say not to stress, which is easier said than done but the more you wish for that period the more strain your putting yourself under.

Hope this has helped, good luck x

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I agree with kitzi_kat find an acupuncture therapist that specialises in fertility. I have an amazing one if you live near Hertfordshire? I had the most amazing consultation and they can help you with so much of your health. 

Good luck with your next steps x


My acupuncturist had a story for me that a lady came into her for treatment for something and had thought she had gone into early menopause as she hadn't had periods in a long time. My acupuncturist treated her and her periods returned! But apparently the lady wasn't too happy as she thought she was done with all that and it wasn't the primary reason for her treatment. It's a good example of it working though!



Definitely, you just need to find a registered one who works in this field x


My period didn't arrive after my first round and it turned out I had ruptured follicles, sounds worse than it is it means the follicles keep growing and hormones prevent the egg releasing. It was a simple internal scan and consultant prescribed the pill to get things going. We were able to start round 2 after the bleed caused by the pill.


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