FET - still no period?!

Hey all,

So last Tuesday on cycle day 21 I had the injection in the bum to start off FET treatment, can't remember the name begins with a D. Anyway nurse said my period would likely start in around 5 days (cycle day 26) today is cycle day 29 and still no period. I've had period symptoms since Saturday but still no bleed or smearing or anything. Is this quite common?

I'm getting so paranoid thinking why has it not started yet and is it actually going to come? Lol.

My usual cycle is 28-31 days.

Thanks xxx

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  • Hi Amanda - I've not had an FET but for both cycle 1 & 2 AF has been a little witch and never shown up on time. Usually 7 days late. I don't know why she does it other than to stress us out even more! I hope she shows up soon for you - good luck! x x x

  • Thanks Mommabear16,

    It's just so weird having all the symptoms but without it actually starting. I'm trying to not stress about it because I know that could delay it further. I'll give the clinic a ring tomorrow I think if it doesn't start just to make sure its normal lol xxx

  • Hi Amanda86. I realise how so frustrating this is for you, but sadly the injection you had can sometimes take a lot longer to kick in. It's easy for me to say, but hang on in there and all should soon work out for you. They may even try and induce a period, I don't know, but I'm sure the clinic will be keeping an eye out for you. Good luck and I am thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane,

    If still nothing tomorrow by Friday which will be cycle day 31 I'll give the clinic a call just to see what they say. Hopefully it'll start before then though 😊 xxx

  • Oh I hope so! Diane

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