No period = no scan and bloods?

Sorry for the confusing title... I'm so frustrated at the moment. So basically my periods have never been the most reliable but i had 3 months of a consistent 34 day cycle, then last week I had a 23day cycle and now I think I'm on day 42!!

We had the call from ivf centre a few weeks back so hubby has been in for his test and now they were waiting for my period to come so they could do the blood tests and a scan between day 4 and 7.

I'v spoken to my nurse and she has said to give it till next Wednesday and if no period she was going to speak to someone to see if they could get me in.

My question is, will they just do the blood tests and scan anyway and then just follow whatever would have happened anyway or do they need me to be on my period? will they give me something to start my period?

Just abit frustrated really - plus Iv felt like Im away to come on for about 12days!! The joys!

Thanks in advance!

P.s - done a pregnancy test already, and nope :-(

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  • Hiya, it's always really difficult when your periods aren't regular but you need it to play ball for this process because a lot of IVF is focused around it, especially when it starts. Unfortunately, I don't think there's anything they can give to get it started but they must understand from dealing with many different cases that not every situation is the same. Give it till next Wednesday like the nurse said and see what happens. X

  • Hi Happydaysahead. I think you will find that you will need to start your period naturally. If they start giving you "stuff", you could be delayed for ages. I'm sure it will arrive, then they can manipulate you to suit what they want from you after the scan and bloods. Try not to worry, we get this problem lots. Hope all goes well when you get started. Diane

  • Keep it going, darling. Do not give up, be patient!

    Your stress could be one of the reason that affects your period. I've been trough it. Try to find your zen and keep it. ;)

    No disappointments at all, come on, darling. It's 21 century and there are many treatments you could consider when dealing with IVF.

    Since I'm looking for clinics for IVF, I was about to ask you for some recommendation. Also, have you any experience with Eastern Europe, Ukraine for example?

  • Typically my period started today... so panic over! Thanks

  • Well done! Diane

  • Can I ask, do you know how long gone it is until you start treatment after the consultants appointment at the ivf clinic? I was abit too embarrassed to ask - but for me the more info I know the better, it's the unknown the scares a helpful attribute while going through this lol

  • Hi happydaysahead. They usually have you in for a discussion with the nurse, then inform you to get in touch either on Day 1 or Day 21 of your cycle. It shouldn't be too long, but they're all different. It tends to be quiet through August, but please don't be afraid to ask them. Diane

  • That's where I'm at at the moment. I have that appointment for bloods and a scan - that's why I got a tad frustrated that my period was so late! Lol they book us in for another appointment on the 18th Aug for the consultation. Just like to know what's happening lol. Thanks though.

  • Hi. Try not to worry, they will soon have you all organised. Good luck! Diane

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