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Ivf period nightmare


We have been so excited after our last appointment with our consultant. We were told that finally we could start our first IVF cycle.

I use an app to track my period and so when the consultant asked for the dates of my last period I happily got up the app. The consultant explained we would need to meet the nurse between day 1- 12 of my next cycle and so we have an appointment for this Thursday, day 4. We would go through dates and start the hormone injections ready for our first IVF cycle - she also explained we will either have ICSI or IVF depending on the quality of OH sample.

And so..... no period. I should have had day 1 on Monday but still nothing.

Now I am so frustrated and deflated. I am blaming myself even though I know there is nothing I can do about it.

I am usually not late and so it is typical that the one month I need to be on time that I would be late. Everything in me is wishing that I start tomorrow but if not I will be phoning the clinic to see what to do next.

Just feeling so deflated and want to cry.

I must be the only person on here wishing that my period would start!

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Completely know how you feel! The only times my periods hsvecever been late is to start treatment. It's actually pretty common, not sure if it's the build up or nerves but yes the only time we want them they don't come!😣😡 Hopefully won't be too long, good luck!xx

Oh no, my periods are awfully irregular so I’ve been there and know how frustrating it is. As you have said you are usually on time..have you done a pregnancy test??..

If your period does not arrive soon, speak to your nurse because they sometimes prescribe medication to bring this on x

I swear this always happens to me. As soon as I need a period it doesn't show! Hope AF shows up soon x

It’s always the way, when you want it to arrive it doesn’t show up. Hoping you won’t have too much longer to wait x

I'm with you! I thought mine was due on Saturday,and was really hoping it would be on time to give us a chance of getting our first cycle in before Christmas, but there is still no sign. It's so frustrating! If I had any tubes I'd be rushing out to get a test 😂 Hope yours arrives soon, and best of luck with your cycle x


Hi JLB2,

I was the same wanted to come on my period the friday I was due as my clinic start all cycles on a Friday but it didn't come until the Saturday😤.I had to get put on the pill for a week until the following Friday.I think our body knows we are in anticipation.I am now on day 6 of my first ivf cycle stimms and feeling a bit bloated,tired and twingy pains.Just take it day by day it us the best you can do.

Good Luck....



Oh dear, you sound a bit like me at the moment... i completely understand your frustration... I was ment to start the treatment as soon as I had my period. Guess what? I should have had it 17 days ago. I have done several tests am not pregnant. I have been in touch with my clinic which told me to wait. I am thinking to take some time off work to see if that helps. I must have it before 19th November otherwise we will have to postpone the treatment until next year. What a nightmare! Sorry for the rant. I just wanted you to know that you are not alone. I really hope your period will come soon. I wish you all the best. Take care xxx

JLB2 in reply to mimisquiz77

I just spoke to the clinic who told me basically the same. If I don't start my period by tomorrow's appointment it will be too late for this month and will then be after Christmas. Just so frustrated and annoid. Hopefully it will come soon for you .

Oh dear... So stressful! I am thinking of putting a hot water bottle on my tummy at night and having a bath instead of a shower. Maybe that will help. It’s hard not to think about it... I keep my fingers crossed for you. Take care xxx

Yea it's so frustrating, I was there last month trying to get ready for a cycle. I tried various things to make it come but none of them really helped. I don't think we can influence it really, the body does what it needs to do. So I think the best thing is to try not to worry about it. Distract yourself and try to accept we can't control this, but hopefully it will be there soon! Much love x

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