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ET abandoned due to thin womb lining -gutted

3rd round of ICSI (this time with egg sharing donor) has come to a halt as my body can't do the one bit it needed to do. First scan showed womb lining was 7mm and the clinic were a bit concerned that it wasn't 8mm but as it's been fine on the previous 2 rounds I wasn't particularly concerned. Next scan showed it has decreased to 6mm, third scan showed 5mm and today's scan it was even less despite the huge amount of drugs I'm on, blood tests show my body is absorbing the oestrogen. EC couldn't be delayed.

I'm also gutted that out of the eggs received only 3 were mature, 2 of them are showing signs of fertilisation this morning. I had hoped we'd get to blastocyst with younger eggs. So the plan is to freeze them tomorrow assuming they are worth freezing.

Initially the consultant said we couldn't do FET until January but they've now said we can try next month. They plan to give me additional medication if the lining isn't thickening up.

I've found this round really tough, it's like it's nothing to do with me, hubby's done his part the donor has done hers and I haven't done my bit.

I know that delaying is the right clinical decision but it's not what we'd expected.

Every time I think treatment can't get harder it does. I know it only takes one but that doesn't help at the moment. 😢 We've been undergoing treatment for over a year, spent more money than I've spent on anything else, except buying a house, and nothing to show for it and loads more heartache. I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Sorry for negative post. Getting it out has helped.

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Oh pm27 I'm so sorry to hear that,you poor thing. You make plans and get a schedule sorted mentally prepare yourself and when something comes up that delays everything so incredibly diaspointing frustrating and upsetting. I know one that very well. Its not your fault so please don't blame yourself. Everyone's body responds differently to treatment. So maybe this other meds will give your lining the "boost" it needs. You want to have a nice thick lining for the embryo to implant. I know that you know it's for the best but I know that doesn't stop you feeling diaspointed it's been delayed. This whole situation in general is a complete nightmare no need to apologise. Sometimes it's nice just to have someone acknowledge that this is a crap situation to be in,friends and family well meaning but just want to make it better but some days you can't feel better and that's ok. It's ok to feel like that. And remember 2morro is a new day.

Sending you a big virtual hug 💗 I hope the new meds dose the job and body responds quickly 😃 Good luck with the embryos it's def quality over quantity 👍 Hope things get back on track soon ❤️ Keep me updated 🙏🍀💗 x x x


Thanks, it helps to rant to people you get it. The embryologist rang this morning and both had got to 4 cell stage so they are now in the freezer. One is above average quality and one below average so slightly better than I'd feared.

I'm still upset but feeling a bit more positive today. I went out with a friend, had lunch and did a bit of shopping and hubby looked after her baby. She knows all abut our treatment so I could talk freely to her about it as well as having a general catch up. I managed to buy birthday gifts for one of our nieces so was pleased about that.

I'm going to ring the clinic on Monday to get an idea of timescales for FET and how many visits we'll need to make. We're going to have a week's holiday before starting again, so something to look forward too.

How are you doing? Any progress with the hospital?


Hi! pm27, i got to agree with jess1981, i could not put it any better. This entire infertility issue is a roller coaster so you go on and let it out here, we are all in a similar situation. we understand, am keeping my fingers cross for you.good luck!


Oh honey I'm so sorry to hear this. This whole thing is such crap isn't it. We can plan it all to a T then the body just decides to go off on one. You must be so frustrated and down hearted by it all. Take heart that maybe this has happened for a reason and when they get the meds right it will all come good in the end. Meanwhile allow yourself a good cry and some chill time with hubby before you plan your next move. Lots of love xx


Thanks. We had a takeaway and a bottle of wine, after a trip to the shops to buy one as we haven't got any in the house as we've not been drinking much alcohol during treatment. We watched TV and had a good laugh. It felt nice to do something normal and not related to treatment.

Have you got any dates for your next round of treatment?


It does feel good to switch off sometimes. You need it x

We are back 5 Nov to discuss next round, which will likely be our one and only frozen embie from first cycle.


Hi Pm27,

Sorry to hear this happened :( this happened to me too, it was on a frozen cycle, and it's such a shock as you don't expect it, and we spent 4 or 5 weeks going back weekly only to be told it had started to thin, so frustrating! They gave me a higher dose the next month and some patches too and that worked. It made me realise that there are so many curve balls in this IVF business and to expect the unexpected not that it makes it easier but I just have to take each day as it comes, we have to be so strong to try to carry on with our lives when this is taking over our life! So difficult, but I like to think we'll be better parents and that gets me through. Good luck for the next go xxx


The nurse did mention patches but as my body is absorbing the oestrogen the consultant said they could use aspirin and viagra to increase the blood supply if it's a problem next time. Never thought I'd have to take viagra! It could make an interesting story for the future.

I thought I was used to the unexpected having been through 2 rounds of treatment already.

What was the result for you?


I've never heard of Viagra for infertility ! Glad you can see the funny side for a moment! Unfortunately we've now had 3 failed implantations😔 not sure how I'm keeping sane. Lots of luck for the next go mx


Sorry to hear that treatment hasn't worked so far.

Are you planning on trying again?

I'm not sure that I can go through it all again if it doesn't work with our 2 frosties, it's just so hard plus age is against us.

The viagra and aspirin are to help with blood supply to the uterus.


Yes definitely won't give up just yet, just will change the approach. I think we find the strength but of course there may come a time when we say no more and choose a different option. I've only just realised how important it is that I enjoy my life now and make this count because this might be permanent but I'm going to try my best to get the result we want. So hard to live this existential dual existence!



Sorry this has had to happen. My first donor egg IVF cycle my womb lining took time and we only just made it. My last cycle they used patches as well as progynova. I know you said your blood results show you were absorbing it so hopefully next time it will work. Have you tried pineapple as well. It can't hurt and I'll be eating it again when I start my third cycle later this month.

This is such a hard journey and when it feels like our bodies are letting us down even more it only makes it harder. Take the time you need to feel sad and cry. Try and be positive the next go will work, I'm reminded by my acupuncturist this all the time as negative thoughts are not good.

Take care



I'm finding it difficult to stay positive as it seems we keep getting knock backs. Today things feel better, I'm still upset but by the time we get to the next round I'll hopefully be feeling excited again and at least we won't be up against a firm deadline as frosties can stay where they are until they are needed.

Wishing you all the best with your 3rd round.


Sorry to read this pm27 ! Really hope they can proceed with treatment as soon as possible xxx




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