3rd round of treatment about to start

Had my baseline scan today to start my 3rd round of IUI. It's probably the last time that I will be able to use my own eggs which I'm finding very emotional and upsetting. I've looked into donor eggs and think I've got my head around it as much as I can.

Just as I'm about to start my treatment, my acupuncturist decides to take a holiday so no support during the insemination time - to be honest, I don't know if I believe in it as nothing has come of it for me, it takes a lot to get me relaxed. So I'm thinking of trying another form of therapy, does anyone know of any that are meant to help? I believe reflexology is good but I can't bare to have my feet touched!! I've had massages done in the past and they were always very calming but I don't know if it would harm the start of a baby after?

So on with this roller coaster we go but it's so so hard, especially with making every decision on my own x

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  • Good luck with yr cycling

  • Cycle do you mean? I haven't got a bike!

    Thank you.

  • Hi Distinction72. Just to add my good wishes for this next cycle of IUI. I have found that many of my ladies find hypnotherapy good for relaxation. You would probably only need a couple of sessions, as they give you a CD to listen to afterwards too. No feet, medication or oils involved! Alternatively, treat yourself to a relaxation CD of choice and get into the habit of setting aside some time to listen to it. Diane

  • Thanks Diane - I don't think I would want to be hypnotised, I would probably fight it anyway, they would definitely find me a challenge!! I could look it up on YouTube though.

    Funny enough, I did some meditation this afternoon and ended up drifting with the cat purring beside me!!

  • Hi. That sounds good enough to me - drifting off with your cat! By the way, hypnotherapy doesn't hypnotise you, just a form of deep relaxation. Good luck! Diane

  • Thanks Diane - I didn't realise that, I thought they put you fully under as in what Paul McKenna does?!!

    There are some different ideas to try but not much time to organise them due to allowing for a 3 hour journey there but I will see what I can do.

  • Forgot to suggest, Zita West does a guided relaxation cd or download that few here have found helpful, not 100% but think she does different ones for different treatments, only £9.95 for the download so worth a shot. It relaxed me more than the acupuncture 😂

  • I did some meditation today from some tunes on YouTube, that's quite good to find out what you like in music!

    I will look in to it, that's been suggested before on here, I've also read one of Zita West books on fertility, that's quite good too.

    Thank you x

  • Hi,Distinction! I feel like you're in a little bit of panic. Try to skip all this bad thinking. It makes no good. And as for the support you can find it here among lovely ladies being in the same boat with you. If you've decided to pass the 3rd round of the treatment just go on, giving yourself another chance. Probably trying ICSI is a good way to make sure as for your eggs. But don't make any decisions in haste. Find something to distract you from thinking and simply do what you're supposed to.

    Hug you strongly x

  • Wishing you all the best possible..would suggest taking it 1 step at a time, don't look too far ahead. It also helps to relax you.

  • I am trying but felt I needed to have plan B in mind for my own good, so that I wouldn't get to the end of the treatment and then panic!

    Relaxing is hard to do but have started doing some meditation.

    Thank you x

  • For some people having a back plan is good. I'm similar. As you know my relationship went to pots. But am in the application process to foster with the view to possible adopt a bit further down. Give those CD s a try, anything to help. Hopes it goes well

  • Thank you - YouTube is also a good idea to try different types of music etc.

    Good luck with everything too x

  • I want to wish you the very best with your cycle. Think you're really brave going this alone. Much respect to you. I really hope that this cycle is successful and you get a BFP. Good luck. 💞 x x x

  • Many thanks Jess - it may be brave to do it on my own but I felt it was this way or nothing at the age I am x

  • Hi

    I have just had my second round of IVF / ICIS and now on my two week wait (which I personally do not think will work). I have tried all type of therapies - acupuncture, art, reflexology, massage as well as guided relaxation but on this cycle couldn't take much more as didn't find it relaxed me just made me more stressed as each time highlighted what was happening.

    Instead I spoke to my clinics counsellor (which I dreaded) but actually speaking to someone independent and allowing to say all my concerns or worries really helped. I felt heaps better after the session and got advice on breathing techniques my favourite being 4-7-8 breathing. As it really grounded me and calmed me when I was ruminating.

  • The treatment is very stressful isn't it and I wonder if anything can actually calm you down!

    I've done inhale for 5 and out for 7 breathing, I'm not sure what the 4 7 8 is though.

    With my acupuncture I was told to imagine I had a embryo inside, which I did for 2 weeks and then when I took my test which was a negative, it made me feel worse!

    I guess also to try and fill your time with something else which may help.

    Good luck and let me know how you get on x

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