Feeling a bit concerned now 😞

Evening guys! So I just got back from my AMH and baseline scan in prep for overseas donor sperm IVF treatment however this time round I have a fibroid or polyp and there are less follicles. There was also a translucent thing in there which she couldn't quite work out, worrying to say the least!

Last time I had over 20 follicles I think perhaps 27! Then during treatment they managed to collect 8 or 10 eggs. Now I only have 12 follicles so what are my chances now with producing enough eggs?

Don't know what to think ☹️ I know I'm however probably very lucky to even have 12 but just can't help but feel concerned x

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  • Still sounds a great number. My pre treatment scan only showed 4 but got 5/6 eggs off on my 1st 2 cycles follow. Think it is normal for more to show during stimming xx

  • I really do hope I will end up with more than a few eggs so at least enough for 2 rounds if needed x

  • I think that sounds good Tara. During my first cycle the dr told me 12 was normal. I had 11 at the time and so was below average. We still got 6 eggs. If you have 12 and decent amh then I would imagine you'll get more than that x

  • Thanks Ash and yes I would be happy with 6 eggs as I just want enough for 2 cycles. Im not greedy at all lol

    I hope it is just a matter of timing so hoping the stimulation will encourage more x

    Got to wait a few days for my other results x

  • Good luck x

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