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Baby aspirin


Has anyone been taking baby aipirin and if so did you continue through your meds and transfer?

I am starting again soon just waiting for the welcomed AF and have tried everything to make this round work just wanted reassurance that it's ok to keep taking 75 mg of aspirin per day along with meds before and after collection and transfer.

@ Diane can you help?

Thanks and good luck to all

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Hi there,

Yes I took Baby Aspirin or low dose Aspirin 75mg per day.

I started it during stims. So on first day of stims and then stopped around 3 days before egg collection.

Started again on day of embryo transfer and took it til I got my BFP.

I got a good amount of follicles/eggs. Got 5 which was a lot better than we expected. BA is supposed to increase blood flow to the ovaries & uterus.

I kept taking it to increase blood flow after transfer as I suffer a lot with big blood clots during period. I think it certainly didn't do any harm.

I did miscarry though at around 4+4 which was sad but I don't think it was due to the BA. It was our first IVF and it went well given my very low egg count & Endometriosis.

I am getting checked for High Natural Killer Cells before our next attempt in August. I would take it again next time but will talk to Drs about for how long..as I didn't ask last time I just took it after some research.

Good luck xx


Thank you so much I have been takin it for 2-3 months now as I did the research too and didn't ask was just wondering if it was ok while on meds and until transfer.

Will ask though

Sorry for the sad news and good luck with your next attempt



I think with anything like that you need to ask your clinic. good luck with your round

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Hi Tamtam1. No problem with taking low dose aspirin if it has been recommended for you, but usually best to stop taking it for 3 days prior to any procedure/operation that involves potential bleeding, as aspirin thins the blood and has the potential to make you bleed a little more. Quite safe to continue on the following day, after procedure. All the best with the cycle. Diane

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Hi Diane

Thank you for your response, tbh my consultant did not suggest it, in fact she hasn't suggested very much even when I do ask questions although she happy to give me max drugs....

I have been taking it due to research and I have had miscarriage and eptopic will follow and stop taking prior EC and restart after, really trying to increased chances as this is the last attempt after our failed go back in Nov last year.




Hi Tammy. Knowing your past history, I always recommend the use of low-dose aspirin, especially following miscarriage, as it does ensure that you have a nice free flow of blood through your womb and endometrial lining. Clotting problems are often thought to be responsible for early miscarriage. Fingers crossed it all works out well for you this time. Diane


Thank you so a little reassurance works wonders xx


Pleasure Tammy! If you feel I can help at all, do get back in touch anytime. Diane


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