Baby aspirin?

Guys, don't know if anyone has taken baby aspirin after ET? I mentioned to my clinic and they were not against idea but now I'm looking to buy in preparation not really sure what I'm looking for -found a dispersable one on Boots 75mg which says it's for people who have had heart attacks etc-should it be dispersable or tablet?

Also just realised I'm low in b12,zinc and iron all 2 days before my Antral follicle count!! Panicking!!!!πŸ˜–

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  • Hi

    I was told to take it to help prepare my lining for ET by my Spanish clinic but not my English one - they recommended 100mg tablets - apparently in England they only come in 75mg or 300mg, the lesser ones for people to take daily to thin their blood. I found some 75mg in Asda on the shelf.

    Good luck, keeping my fingers crossed for you to have a BFP xx

  • So strange isn't it-I've been told it's for after transfer? So weird! I've found 75g now that are not dispersable. My clinics in Greece so I'll wait til I'm there & speak to them, just wanted to have it all ready in case x

  • Hi

    I took 75mg daily in the dispensable form. I was prescribed it by my consultation in the uk and took it from the start of my second trimester.

    Years ago I was low in b12 etc and was given a prescription from by gp. I would make an appointment and get the gp's advice as they may be able to give you a higher dose than over the counter vitamins, if you are very low.

    When are you going to Greece for your treatment, getting excited?


  • Thanks Hun, do u think dispersable mite b better? I used to have b12 injections but when I miscarried I got all paranoid cos I'd read u can over day 3 scan is Friday so I imagine we will go sometime next week so probs a bit late to worry about my vitamin levels! I'm stupid really as I got these blood tests back a while ago but becos they were for something else, I thought let me deal with that later-somehow didn't register that it might be helpful for pregnancy!!😳Too much going on in my head!

    I'm more anxious than excited as this cycle is my last shot x

  • How's things with you J? x

  • Hi dear

    I would second what Diane said; better to consult your clinic to see if aspirin is suitable for you. Maybe email them your blood test results and ask if you should take b12 and iron tablets; just a thought.

    I am good, thxnks for asking. I was successful on my third go with de. I have a 7 months old little girl πŸ˜€πŸ˜€.

    Fingers and everything crossed for a BFP.

    Let us know how you get on.


  • Hey hon

    Been on baby aspirin as recommended by clinic x

  • Hi 72cloud9. The dose you are looking for is soluble aspirin 75mgs tablets x one a day. Some doctors believe it can prevent clotting in the placenta and encourage an nice even blood flow. Do mention it to your clinic before taking it, to make sure it will be OK for you. Hope all works out well. Diane

  • I took 75 of aspirin to help my lining and was to take it after transfer too. I took dispensable and non dispersable! Good luck!xx

  • thanks for all the advice guys xxx

  • Hi Claudia, fingers crossed for tomorrow.. Got everything crossed for you... Sorry not been back in touch.. Busy week or 2.Ruth has had me prescribed Asprin for nearer ET and she also put me on 20mg clexane morning time and 40mg evening nearer time, only ever had Asprin and 20mg clexane. But she said due to miscarriages they want me on it... Drop her an email... Let us know tomorrow your news and we book for that coffee.

    Lots of love Jackie xxx

  • Thanks hun, she said to me aspirin for after ET depending on what clinic say but no mention of clexane-it's not on my prescription & I bought the aspirin myself.ive only been pregnant once & miscarried once so maybe that's y but a friend was telling me 3 of her friends in America couldn't conceive & all 3 went on to conceive when they took aspirin!

    Yes I will update tomoro & defo get that coffee booked in x

  • She got me asprin prescription and then I asked re clexane and she said oh yes you Need and prescribed and it just arrived.. So maybe ask.. Xxx

  • Ok I'll ask her when I send scan report tomoro thank u x

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