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Delayed miscarriage after ICSI- now worried about FET

Hi everyone. I am new to this site and I'm just looking for some hope I think.

Had ICSI at St Mary's (manchester) in January and got our BFP in February but at 7 week scan there was no heartbeat and a week later it was confirmed that I had had a delayed miscarriage. There aren't the words to describe how devastated we were and still are.

We had medical management which did not work so last week I had to have surgical management. It's been tough.

We have one frozen embryo from the ICSI in January. I'm so worried that it won't thaw. I'm also dreading all the injections again to even get the the point of transfer if it does thaw ok.

I don't even know if I should be thinking about the next steps yet because it's all still so raw after the miscarriage but all I want is to be pregnant again.

How long have people had to wait to request treatment again? What have people's experiences of FET been?

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I can feel your pain....

We got our first ever BFP in February after our first IVF round using ICSI.

During our early scans, the foetus was measuring small and during one, we saw that the heartbeat was slower.

We went for our 9+5 week scan and were told there was no heartbeat and it was classed as a missed miscarriage

I then had to endure the whole natural miscarriage. I had one scan last week to check I had passed everything, but I've got another today to check something which they were questioning, so it feels like the emotions are being dragged out even more.

We also have one frozen embryo to use and another fresh cycle.

I've been told the thawing process is so much better than it used to be and remember that your embryo was a fighter to get to frozen criteria!

Even though the pain is raw, I think it's good that you are thinking about the future, as you say, it's the final outcome that you want that drives you.

We are probably going to use our fresh cycle next, as I'm always concerned about my low AMH reducing even more with time.

Your clinic should book you in for a follow up review with your consultant and we were advised two periods after your miscarriage is normally recommended to give your body time to rebalance. I just hope my body settles down eventually....x


Hi Hollibob. I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. It was our first ever BFP too, it's just heartbreaking.

It's definitely so hard when everything is so dragged out. I'm constantly exhausted from all the intense emotions over such a long period of time.

Thank you so much for replying to me. You have definitely given me some hope about the thawing process and my frozen embryo.

I have an appointment with a consultant today so hopefully I will find out more about the next steps. I hope my body gets back to normal soon too, the waiting and lack of control are so hard.

That's great that you have another fresh cycle and hopefully you will get more frozen to add to the one you already have.

I hope your scan today goes ok x



Thank you.

The scan showed that the miscarriage is now complete.

I see your appointment didn't go as planned :-(

It might be worth creating a new post about the tube fluid as I'm sure ladies have discussed similar previously?



Hi. Glad the scan was ok. After my surgical management I felt such mixed emotions. On the one hand I was glad it was finally over but it's never easy hearing that it's gone. Hope your ok.

That's a really good idea about creating a new post, thanks. I'll do that x


hi Jen,I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage but hopefully you will get some positivity from my answer. We also had ICSI that failed and only had one frozen embryo. I am now holding a 3 week old baby girl in my arms!

FET was much simpler- I didn't need any injections and we only had to wait 3 months after ICSI.

I hope it all goes well for you!x


Hi Hope14. Wow, you have definitely given me hope. Congratulations, that's amazing.

When did you find out that you wouldn't have to have injections? I'm seeing a consultant today so I'm not sure if things like that will be discussed then x


I think we discussed it at the review of the failed ICSI. If I'm right you can either have natural or medicated cycle.

Don't give up hope,especially when you still got a chance! There are lots of people on here going through the same who will support you.x


Thank you. I'm so glad I posted on this forum, it feels a bit less lonely x


It is a difficult journey and no one will understand you better than people who have been through the same..x


I'm so sorry to hear abt your misscarage it's so hard to go through I had the same happen to me after icsi I'm 2009 unfortunately we didn't have any extra embryos to freeze I felt like all hope was lost then I went private to have a cyst removed and got an amazing doctor who performed tubular surgery and opened my tubes I then had an ectopic almost a year ago and had more surgery on my only tube that is left had an hsg test in Jan tube let dye through but still no sign of a baby I really am praying it will happen for us as I don't know how we would ever afford ivf, good luck in you quest I really hope you get your dream soon xxx


Hi sam84. Thank you so much for your message. I am so sorry to hear everything you have been through. This forum has really opened my eyes to different peoples experiences and made me feel less alone. As much as my family are being really supportive it is hard for people to understand who have not had any experiences like this when TTC.

Sending you lots and lots of good luck, I really hope your dreams come true soon too x


It's hard for them to understand I'm so lucky I have a friend who has also had problems ttc but she had her first treatment and is now almost 5 months gone I just wish I could fall preg too so we could experience it together I'm beginning to think ivf will be r only way but I have no idea how we r going to afford it we only get one treatment free and we've had it! This foam is amazing I always use it on a down day and everyone is so good at helping pick you up xx


That must be so hard sam. We only get one free treatment too so feeling the pressure with the frozen one. But I know I am lucky to even have one frozen. IVF is just so expensive, we are saving as much as we can x


Hi jen364, I had a failed ICSI cycle last month and we have a frostie waiting which has given us hope - like you say it's a survivor!

I'm waiting for a consultants appointment at the moment, took 2 months last time so will be ready to try again by then I think

Hope you've had all your questions answered today and you're feeling positive xx


Hi rainbowbreeze80, so sorry about your last ICSI cycle. I met with the consultant today and it didn't go very well. During my last ICSI cycle they found fluid in my tube which the drained but the consultant said I need this investigating before I can use the frozen one. Got to have a laparoscopy and if the fluid is there again I will have to have the tube removed. And the waiting list for the procedure is approx 3 months. This just feels like a never ending nightmare x


Sorry to hear that, I'm sure it's very upsetting. I know what you mean, after just over 4 years ttc I wonder when this nightmare will ever end.

Big hugs xx


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