Miscarriage after IVF

After three years of trying to conceive, my husband and I started IVF in January. 5 eggs were collected, one embryo was transferred in February and one frozen. We got pregnant, we could not have been happier. However last week, we could the news we had dreaded, we had miscarried. It has been a week and all I want to do is have the frozen embryo transferred to try again. Am so scared to fall pregnant again in case the same happens again. Has anyone experienced the same anxiety?

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  • Yes... we miscarried on our fresh cycle at about 6 weeks, it was so hard to go through. We left it a good 6 months I think before starting up our FET cycle. Unfortunately this has ended up in a BFN but we do thankfully have another Frostie which we can try again with. Miscarriages are always so hard to cope with, take as much time as you need to process it all before you jump back in. I always found I'd be feeling better for a while the something would come out of nowhere and send me back to a crying mess! Thinking of you hun xxx

  • Hi babex so sorry got ut lose i no your pain i also suffered a miscarriage last august at just under 8 wks..i started bleeding so went to the epu and was told babys heart has stopped beating and i was having an inevitable miscarriage and 2 just go home and wait for it 2 happen😢 which it did 4 days later and the pain was unreal..we now back 2 doing ivf my last 1 in feb failed but i had a bad feeling from the start as it wasnt my nurse doing it and the other nurse seemed 2 fumble 2 much then only 1 embryos hatched and not the second 1 so i didnt feel good frm the first day of ET..but i have felt the same frm then just want 2 keep going and pray to get pregnant again but then am so scared to get pregnant incase it happens again 😦 so its a crazy circle of wanting 2 be pregnant ao badly but so scared to be..am here is u need a friend who knowz wht ur going through..i pray u get ur rainbow babys soon x x x

  • So sorry to here, what does the Doctor say..do you have to wait before trying again>

  • I'm having the same thoughts now. We were told our baby had stopped growing and the heartbeat was no longer visible at our second scan two weeks ago today (after having seen it on our first scan). It was my birthday the following day too. We were and are devastated. It's getting more bearable but I still have moments when it really hurts and I'm avoiding all shops that sell baby clothes! I did it today; just thought if I don't go in they can't upset me!

    I had a D and C, which will be two weeks this Thursday. I wasn't bleeding and had no pain, no reason to suspect anything was amiss... I'm now wondering how long it will take to get my period.

    The thought of a third round (one fresh, one fet) fills me with dread because I hate doing ivf. Any excitement I had in those rounds has completely abandoned me. More than anything I'm terrified I'll never be pregnant again. But then, if (and that's a big IF) by some miracle, we did get pregnant again, what if the same thing happens?? How could I cope with this again?? On the other hand I'm 37 now, I'm wasting precious time and feel that if I could start treatment again tomorrow I probably would. I want a baby so I have to do whatever I can within my power to make that happen. No regrets xx


  • So sorry to hear this😔. This happened to me in January and I feel the same. I just want to get on with my FET which I am starting Friday but I am absolutely terrified of getting a positive or negative. I just feel at the moment I need to take each step at a time and try not to think about the result yet xx

  • So sorry to hear you are going through this. Absolutely know how you feel. We had a miscarriage in September 2015 and are now 6weeks pregnant from IVF and am beside myself with worry - every little niggle and ache I'm convinced it's happening again. It's so very hard to want something so badly but to be so scared of it at the same time. Yours is sadly so very recent so you will need to give yourself and your body a bit of time and then see where you're at - wishing you all the very very best x

  • So sorry for your loss and of course it's normal to feel anxious about trying again.give yourself a little bit of time to feel stronger xxx

  • I am sorry for your loss and all the other ladies that have replied to this post.

    You are not alone.

    We had our first BFP back in November, had a positive heartbeat but unfortunately we went for another scan and the heartbeat had stopped. We were devastated after 6 failed ICSI cycles.

    I will be having a FET mid May and I worry that I will not get pregnant (what if my only chance was the one we lost) or if I do get pregnant the same thing could happen again - how will I handle that. It's difficult to explain isn't it the thoughts and emotions.

    I am trying hard not to overthink things. Getting myself really fit etc.

    Good luck on your journey.


  • I have been in your situation...I m so sorry to know about it...I got pregnant for the first time in September but miscarried later...it made me almost mad...I had to consult psychologist...then we waited for normal period and had fet at the end of October...today I m exactly 27 weeks pregnant with my little prince...so please don't lose hope n go for fet...Good luck......

  • Thank you everyone for you kind and reassuring words. We are taking one day as it comes before making any decisions. Good luck to all of you x

  • Please remember you are not alone x

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