Ovulation after miscarriage- false positive?

Hi, I'm really confused about ovulation after miscarriage. I was told on 16th March that I was having a delayed miscarried and had medical management on 18th March. Had a scan on 27th which showed it hadn't work so had to have surgical management on 30th March.

I did an ovulation test today (which broke my heart again because I thought I wouldn't have to do another one of those again) and it was positive. Could this be a false positive if my hormones are still all over the place from the pregnancy? x

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  • His jen sorry to read of your loss your body could still have a lot going on after such a upset but it could also be correct are you trying again ? 2 of my friends who had medical management after a miscarriage got pregnant soon after. There's no certain way to know as ovulation tests can be misleading. Really hope you okay maybe give your doctor a ring and speak about it xxx

  • Thanks herrys. Not sure if we are trying again yet. It's so hard to know what to do. All I want is to be pregnant again but I'm definitely still struggling to deal with everything that has happened. And I don't know if there's even any point trying naturally because we've been TTC for 3 years and the only time I've got a positive is through ICSI. I just wish I knew what was happening with my body xx

  • Never say never I read so much about people getting pregnant naturally after if ect as if it kick starts your body. It's such a painful thing to go through a miscarriage but time really does heel I've lost 5 and we are 6 weeks pregnant and petrified but trying to be positive as possible. Thinking of you and your partner xxx

  • So sorry for your loss jen it could be a false test but it could also be true I would check with your doctor just to be sure it takes tour body a while to get round all that's happening and your emotions will be all over the place I really hope you get the answer you want xxx

  • Thanks sam. My emotions are definitely all over the place xx

  • It takes a while for them to settle I had an ectopic last may and it took me ages to settle and now it's coming up to the year I'm back to square one feeling very Down these last few days got my oh taking me on holiday next week so should help me to relax xx

  • I'm so sorry for your loss sam. I hope you manage to relax on your holiday and recharge your batteries. And I really hope your dreams come true very soon xxx

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