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Symptoms after Miscarriage??


Hi Ladies, I'm 5 days past medical management and the last few days I've been suffering with really bad headaches, and still bleeding quite heavy. I thought it had subsided and then yesterday and today have had bad cramps and past several large clots. Mentally I'm feeling ok, but physically I'm exhausted and don't know why. I'm sleeping really well, but sleeping for 10-11hours a night which is unheard of for me and still feel exhausted for it. I've also come out in loads of spots on my face and neck 😩 has anyone else experienced these sort of symptoms following a miscarriage? Just so glad that hospital signed me off for 2weeks as physically no where near ready to go back to work.

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Hun I was really bad after medical management really Ill pain clots the works it was horrid. Rest up and try to eat well. Thinking of you 😘💝

Thanks Cat, I'm eating too well! Lol! The bleeding seems to have pretty much stopped today, just can't get rid of the headache! But reading these replies has put my mind as ease xx

I had surgical management a few weeks ago - as it was surgical I didn’t have a lot of bleeding after!! But I did have bad headaches for near two weeks, my skin was awful & terrible fatigue - my doc said that was all to be expected and hormones starting to readjust!!

But if you’re bleeding and cramping is getting worse rather than better it might be worth getting checked Hun? xx

baby2016 in reply to Leo2017

Thanks Leo, thankfully bleeding had pretty much stopped today. Still got the headache though, and makes me feel a little calmer to hear others have experienced similar as I was getting worried. Felt like I've had a bit more energy today too, so fingers crossed everything is settling down xx

I was really quite unwell after my first natural miscarriage, i took two weeks off work which I’ve never done in my life and I needed it! I was exhausted (which gives me headaches). Make sure you are taking some multivitamins with iron to help your energy and rest up, listen to your body and sleep as much as it needs. You have been through a lot.

Thanks Lizzie, as my friend said yesterday, when you go through this it's like going through a mini labour so she said I am going to feel crap for a few weeks. I just can't believe how much I've slept, but like you say my body must need it. Have felt a bit better today which I'm pleased about! So thanks for the reassurance xx

Hi baby2016 , I don’t have any advice to give, but I just wanted to say that I’m sorry you are going through this & I hope you find some relief from the symptoms soon xx

baby2016 in reply to Wishfully

Thanks so much for the words of support Wishfully xx

Hey 👋 me again. Yes. Remember how I told you that a few days after the main event I had really bad cramping again? And I passed more clots? It seemed anytime there was something to expel, this time the remnants of my lining, my womb went into cramping like a Also my skin was so so bad. At the time, I had the worst outbreak I’d ever had in my life (and I’ve had acne since I was 13!) Talk about depressing. I was also exhausted. And sleeping well. This all sounds normal to me.. I really hope you feel better soon xx

baby2016 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thanks Tugs, your reply really reassured me 😊as pretty much sounds identical to mine. Funnily enough after passing the clots yesterday by bleeding has now pretty much stopped and I have felt half human today so hopefully I'm through the worse of it now 👍🏻xx

Tugsgirl in reply to baby2016

Fingers crossed 🤞 keep us posted xx

Bless u Hun that not fun or fair for u. Glad got time off to fully recover as Hope gets easier for u. Take time n def call clinic if continues I reck😐take care xx

Aw thank you lovely. All seems to have improved now so hopefully through the worse of it now xx

Yay that good am pleased about that hope it continues that way take care x

Hi missis sorry you’re feeling so ropey Sounds like your body’s settling down again after all the hormones. It’s good that you’re off work so you can take your time but Leung your strength again. Make sure you rest lots, your body’s been through so much it’s not surprising you’re exhausted xxx

baby2016 in reply to CheshireKit

Thank you 😊feeling so much better today, amazing the difference in 24hrs. Hope your ok xxx

Cinderella5 in reply to baby2016

Glad to hear things have settled down and you're feeling a bit better today!😘xx

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