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Fluid in Uterus at ER

Hi All

Had egg retrieval yesterday and they have found two pockets of fluid in my uterus and say if it's still there by Monday the cycle will be cancelled and they'll freeze any embryos we have and go back four months later for a frozen embryo transfer.

They said it's unlikely to be blood but didn't say what caused it or if it's likely to come back. I was in a bit of shock when he told us so didn't get the chance to ask questions. I have severe endometriosis so not sure if that's got something to do with it? Also started progesterone cream. Surely they should have seen this on previous scans?

Has anyone had this happen to them and what was the outcome? Is there anything I can do to make it absorb / disapear or is it just wait and see? Nurse told me just to drink lots of water.

I'm also really worried that if the cycle is abandoned it will still count as cycle 1 and the FET will be cycle 2. I'm going through NHS and will get two cycles only, can't afford private.

I've never had much hope of our first cycle working but never for a second thought it would be cancelled, I'm devastated that we might not be given a chance to see the full cycle through 😔

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Hi debs1082.

I can't comment on the fluid unfortunately but I can tell you that if you have to have a 'freeze all' and then FET later it will not count as two separate cycles. I had a similar situation. I was told at ER in November that my hormones were too high and I was very high risk of OHSS so everything was frozen and I went back two weeks ago for my FET. Also, please rest assured that statistics of the FET getting you a BFP are almost exactly the same, I am currently 4w5d.

I was absolutely gutted when they cancelled my cycle (we'd already has all sorts of hiccups and delays along the way) but just remember that Rome wasn't built in a day and good things come to those who wait.

Best of luck to you xxx


Ah thank you so much, I really hope this the case for us as we aren't in a position to go private so our two NHS cycles are all we've got. I know it's only our first cycle but wasn't expecting so many hurdles along the way! Thanks again and massive congrats on getting your BFP, I need to hear the success stories to keep hope alive xx


No problem at all. We have also only had one cycle and lots of hurdles (I had to lost over 6st to be referred which delayed it for 2 years and was told my weight and PCOS was the reason for infertility... then became apparent that hubby is infertile so we had to then wait for a sperm donor... then the OHSS scare) so I know exactly how you feel. But regardless of everything you think is going wrong, your body will let you know when it's ready :-) The doctors know what they're doing so trust their advise and opinions. I know its hard, but try to keep positive. Keeping a positive head on my shoulders is what got me this far :-) xx

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Hi debs1082. Sorry to hear that this has happened to you, just when everything was proceeding well. Unfortunately, if you have embryo transfer with fluid present, it could prevent implantation, so best to wait for it to clear. It can happen with women who have hydrosalpinx (water in the tubes) and with polycystic ovaries, but there can be other reasons too. Hopefully by using the progesterone cream, your womb lining will thicken a little more, which should remedy the problem. As “kjornsby” says, this shouldn’t count as one of your cycles as you haven’t got to ET. If you have to have your embies frozen, they will be quite safe, and from my many years of experience, have known many happy babies born from successful FET’s. Hope it all goes OK. Diane

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Thanks Diane, if it's still there I'm hoping they'll be able to give some indication of what's caused it and how to stop it from occurring again. xx


Hi. They will, but do try not to worry too much, as I'm sure they will be able to solve whatever it is. Fingers crossed that the progesterone sorts it out. Diane

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Hi ladies

Just wanted to let you know, and for any others that come across this thread that I had one embryo transferred yesterday and one will be going in the freezer. The fluid in my uterus had thankfully disappeared, delighted we were able to see the cycle to the end. Xx


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