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Worried :(

Hi I'm new to this but just wanted somewhere I could talk to other people who understand as feeling quite alone & low . I've been trying for a baby for nearly 2 years & tests recently confirmed I've got PCOS, endometriosis & fibroids. I'm waiting to have a HSG scan but have to wait for the first day of my period which are irregular & I'm starting to get more worried as time goes by & struggling to see any light at the end of the tunnel. I'm also in pain most days & feel like it's affecting my work but paracetamol,ibuprofen etc don't seem to touch it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated x

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Welcome! You're not alone here! Infertility is a long emotional process and often physically painful as well. You do have the beginnings of information and that is a good start. Once everyone knows what obstacles to overcome they can help you. Ask about alternative pain relief, like acupuncture etc. it's hard when things like this are out of your control. Fingers crossed for you


Thank you I appreciate your reply :) it's nice to have somewhere you can talk to people who understand xx


hi TJ 1985, welcome on to the world of rollercoaster, here we go up and down, turns and twists. This group so good we all support each other, share our experiences and give advise where possible. The emotional stress and anxiety of infertility, a person not going through this path will not understand..... so i say this is the best place. Its also hard to share your feelings with friends and family.

Now as you been diagnosed with infertility, i am sure the experts will do their best to help, we just have to keep our fingers crossed, and stay positive.

we are always here if you feel like having a chat


Thank you :)

I just feel like my family & friends don't really understand, they try their best but some times make me feel like I'm over reacting . I've been quite emotional today so rang my mum who told me I need to toughen up as this is just the start & that it's going to be a long process & have to get used to it, I get what she's saying but not really what you need when your upset. My hormones must be all over the place xxx


Ah poor thing!! Its not nice when u turn to ur mum for support and she says 'toughen up' its very true that people who have not been on this boat, wnt understand, no matter how much they try. So thata y i dnt even talk to friends or family about it anymore, i have 1 family member and my hubby to talk to. Yes hormones do fly every where, i get tearfull days aswell, and really feel emotional n rundown. So please stay positive and focused. Take every day as it comes then it might b easier to handle


Hi - I don't think anyone who isn't going through this can truly even try to begin to understand what lies ahead, and whilst friends & family (my mums had cancer/chemo so I get the "toughen up" approach dished out regularly too, doesn't help!) try their best it's not quite like others who are in the same boat. I've joined this forum to learn and chat as I can tell my friends etc don't really know what to say and it just makes me feel like a drama queen!!

Wishing you luck & support, one step at a time and you'll get there!! X


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