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We are currently 6+2 at the minute and waiting for our first scan in a weeks time. During this cycle I've had more spoting/shows than in either of my other 2 pregnancies and it's just making me so nervous after our mc 18 months ago. My little boy currently had gotten his second bout of chicken pox but I was told I'd be fine as I've had it already but I'm convinced somethings going to happen.

Just now I had a gush of liquid that was the worst I've had since the transfer and even made my wee blood stained. It's gone again now which I know is a good sign but I just can't relax. I know I'm feeling run down and stressed as I've come out in a mouth ulcer and I've not had one of those for years.

Not sure what I'm hoping for out of this post, maybe reassurance but I just felt like I needed to write it down as I've no one really to share it with except hubby.

Hoping everyone is OK xx

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Is there any way they can bring the scan forward - to help you relax. I've been relaxing to meditation apps which I definitely hadn't tried before. It helps keep calm.

I think I might call the clinic up see what they say x I defo need to try and do something to relax xx thank you

Oh lovely you must be so worried and that’s completely understandable after what you’ve been through. Could you go along to your nearest early pregnancy unit and see if they can scan you sooner? Xxxx

I always thought we had to stay under the clinic so never really used the epu x

Nope I used the epau at my hospital when I was pregnant, just maybe keep quiet on the fact you are IVF/have a scan next week 😉 xxxx

Thanks hun xx

My sister bled all the way through with my nephew - he's now a strapping 10 year old! Hopefully it's nothing to be worried about.

I wonder if you need some vitamin D for your ulcer. Stress causes them, but also a lack of Vit D. Are you taking a supplement with it in?

I'm 6 weeks + 1 day so practically the same. So stressful waiting for the scan day, though mine's next week now, can't come quick enough!


Dreams1982 in reply to CAS2

I'm 6+1 I accidently put 2 this morning wow I've found ivf buddy 🙂

I'm taking pregnancy vitamins so assume there would be vit d in them. I've had the worst headache and terrible dull constant backpain which I'm hoping is the relaxin working. Caved and took paracetamol cause its just not shifting.

When's your scan... Ours is next Thursday x

CAS2 in reply to Dreams1982

Wow exactly the same then :-) I'm taking Pregnacare and think that has vit D in, it's quite a relief to just take one pill (well two, as I have added Omega 3 too) but compared to my IVF supplement concoction of 8 pills it's amazing!!

I've had a bit of lower back pain but headache wise seem to have done ok so far. Our scan is Tuesday. So excited but also nervous, eeks. Just hoping to see one (or possibly two!) strong heart beat/s. I've never gotten this far so it's all brand new :-) xx

Dreams1982 in reply to CAS2

Aww it is the most magical thing ever and the clinic let us record it so have it as a memory for our little boy x

Hi lovely, I'm with you too. 6 exactly today and really struggling. Got to wait until Wednesday 15th for my scan because we're on holiday until the end of next week! Lovely to be on holiday but the extra wait isn't ideal 😕 I've been doing reassurance tests every 4 or 5 days and the lines are lovely and strong but so many little cramps, twinges, back pain etc. It's really tough. Fingers crossed for all of us x

Dreams1982 in reply to KW83

Aww congratulations hun xx

Next week really can't come quick enough with how I'm feeling to just know everything is OK x I'm the same I've so many tests it's unreal lol x

Dreams1982 in reply to KW83

Sorry forgot to say have an amazing holiday xx

KW83 in reply to Dreams1982

Thank you. Very best of luck for next week x

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