Worried about 1st scan

Hi all...

I had my BFP (after severe OHSS), and am now just over 5 weeks according to my dates. I have my first scan booked for this coming Monday but I'm really getting apprehensive about it as I've been having quite sharp, and relatively constant lower abdominal pain for the last ?48 hours, this was after having infrequent period-type pains (no bleeding or discharge).

I'm starting to have a sinking feeling, and having (stupidly) done some reading on MC in early pregnancy I've now convinced myself that it's all gone wrong...

Has anyone experienced similar and gone on to have a positive outcome? I need something to hold out hope for.

Thanks x

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  • Google is not your friend!! I had plenty of odd pains and twinges it's your body stretching more than likely. Try and stay positive. Will be thinking of you xx

  • I still have some pain now at 11 weeks, my nurses told me if your not bleeding then try not to worry, so try to stay positive and wait for the scan. Good luck, the wait for the scan is as hard as the 2WW!x

  • Hi rainbowbright. Remember that suffering with OHSS does take a while for your ovaries to fully settle down from again. Also your womb will just be on the move, so could be down to Broad ligaments just starting to stretch a tiny bit. Have a rest when you can, and look forward to meeting your little "bean" next week. Thinking of you. Diane

  • I've read the pregnancy hormone can make OHSS worse... That's why a lot of women who have it only start to really suffer after getting their BFP! I am sure you will be fine, best wishes for Monday xxx

  • Thanks guys, I'm trying to stay positive...the closer I get, the more nervous I am.

    I've just spent an evening with some family which should have been a good distraction, and it was in many ways, but ironically one of my cousins announced she's 8 weeks...obviously great news, but for some reason just made me even more concerned that things are going pear-shaped for me. Silly I know.

    Hey ho, less than 48-hours and I'll have my answer.

    I'll keep you posted. Thanks for all your supportive vibes xx

  • Not silly at all honey. Completely understand it in fact my niece announced being 12 weeks when we were only 4 and I'd been having bleeding too. Xx

  • How is everything going for you now?? how far along are you? All okay I hope x

  • Everything was and is fine now 31 weeks. Lots of aches and stretchy twinges but all is good. X

  • That's brilliant news! I'm looking forward to our next milestone.

    I suppose the message is to try and not over-react to every little seemingly unusual feeling, and trust in my body to do what it's designed to do...


  • Hi rainbowbright. Hope all goes/has gone well with your scan today. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Hi everyone....

    Well, my fears were unfounded! we have one seemingly very contented little bean on board, with heart beating away. I'm very relieved obviously, as is my DH (although he's more relieved to know we're not having twins!)

    Technically I'm just over 7 weeks (but 6 weeks since EC), so a few more to go until we're out of the woods, but one more milestone successfully reached.

    I still have to inject blood thinning meds until 12 weeks, but I can now stop the cyclogest. A small price to pay for a lovely reward.

    Thank you xx

  • Awesome news!! X

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