Early ovulation after ectopic, worried about menopause

I'm getting concerned as after my ectopic pregnancy I have ovulated really early two months in a row, has anyone else had this problem? It was CD12 last month & CD8 this month! Obviously this month the egg will probably be too immature & my lining too thin so I've lost another month of trying. Is this normal or should I be worried that I'm starting menopause early?? I'm 40 but I have periods every month and no other menopausal symptoms. Any advice or has anyone else had the same issue? Xx

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  • I don't think CD12 is early necessarily- I ovulate between CD12-14 every month and have been told that's normal. How long is your cycle usually? I'm 37, also regular and cycle is usually 26-27 days (alternates each month!) x

  • I read somewhere that less than 10 days would mean the egg wasn't mature so have been panicking! My cycle is usually textbook, ovulation on CD14 & 28 days in total. Xxx

  • So sorry for your loss. Hope your ectopic didn't lead to any complications... I thought anything CD8 onwards is normal - in my case my periods are usually 23-25 days now (were 28-30 before I went on the pill years ago) and I bled 23 days exactly after my ERPC a couple of months ago... But then the weird thing is I have the odd cycle which is 28 days... Apparently with endometriosis (which I have), there is a theory that the endometriosis tissue bleeds later than that in your uterus, which the body confuses as signals to release the egg earlier. Not sure if that would necessarily mean they're immature though?... Sorry I'm not much help but am interested in any responses you get. I would suspect that you have to give your body a few months to get over your ectopic though. Good luck x

  • Thank you lovely πŸ™‚ Have you ever had a pregnancy with your shorter cycles? I panic constantly about being menopausal, it can't be doing me any good as I should be being positive. I'm so scared that my one & only pregnancy went wrong & that might have been my only chance! Sorry to hear you are suffering with endometriosis xxx

  • Hi, no my only pregnancy was a result of my first ivf cycle in November which ended in silent miscarriage. Back for more now. Hopefully start stimulation this week. Do you have any known issues with TTC?

  • I'm so sorry to hear that, I hope you are feeling ok about everything. Good luck with your new cycle πŸ€

    My hubby has a low sperm count but we have increased it to about 12million (it was 1 million so much better!!) I was a poor responder to the IVF drugs so probably just age factor with me. I've only been pregnant once & that was the ectopic pregnancy - some sort of cruel joke! I live in hope that we can get pregnant naturally again, but it's not going to happen if I'm ovulating ridiculously early now I doubt!! Xxxx

  • Are you still under consultant care? It seems like something I would def want to talk through with a professional. Good luck x

  • Unfortunately not, the NHS have basically washed their hands of us as we've had NHS funded ivf & they say we're not entitled to any further consultation, treatment or tests if any description. They didn't carry out all the tests (i.e. Checking my tubes) beforehand so I feel quite angry about it all but trying not to dwell on it! Xxx

  • Could you raise that as a complaint with anyone? Maybe private message Diane Arnold from the fertility network - or call them - maybe they can advise. Alternatively would you be able to save up some money for a one-off private consult? It does seem unfair that they didn't even didn't even check your tubes!

  • It might be that your systems taking a while to adjust after you sad loss.as if u need this worry after what uv been thru. i think those timings are still ok tho-I think it's just the average is normally around cd14 so it seems very early. Maybe see your GP just to get some reassurance though xxxx

  • Thank you lovely, I'm going to speak to my GP next week I think, maybe a few FSH tests might put my mind at rest. Hope you are doing ok after everything? Xxxx

  • I'm ok thanks.making plans to get or last embie put back x

  • Good luck, I will be waiting for the good news!! Xxxxx

  • Hi Star1976, I've had two ectopics which eventually resulted in my tubes being removed, however I also went to ovulating earlier afterwards and always ovulate around day 11/12. I've still got pregnant since this, but sadly have miscarried them all. I'm 39 and wondered if it was my age too and cycles aren't as heavy either. Vitamin E and pomegranate juice are good for thickening the lining, helped me get to 9mm this month which is a miracle as mine struggles to get over 7mm without oestrogen tablets etc xx

  • I'm so sorry to hear of your losses. Thank you for the advice about the vitE & pomegranate juice. How much do you need of each per day? That's a fab increase in the lining!! I take it you are having treatment at the moment so good luck with everything!! Xxxx

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