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severe ovarian decline - early menopause

just wondering if any ladies have been diagnosed with the same condition as me.

Have been trying with my partner (who has 3 little girls from prev long relationship) for 2 yrs and after 6 months of clinical testing have been told that my body is preparing for menopause and my FSH and AMH are the opposite of what they should be.

Started trying at 29 and am 31 yrs old now.......and feeling totally robbed and angry about it all.

I am being fast tracked IVF and although I am so gratefull to Shrewsbury fertility centre for taking it all so seriously, I dont know whats going on, when its going to start, what my chances are and its all one big cloudy blur.

Anyone else in a similar position?

Feeling like Im the only one in the world with this condition - even though I was told the stats were 1/100 for this to happen

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Hi sexyjeb. So sorry to hear that your hormones are so “topsy turvy” at such a young age. However, the clinic you are at, seem to feel that you are in with a chance for treatment, so that’s good to hear. Egg quality is always a worry, but you might like to discuss the uses of a relatively new drug called Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). Although it is still in its early days, women with reduced ovarian reserve have been given 75 mgs of this drug a day, in divided doses of 25 mgs 3 times a day for around 2 months, and have been found to respond better to stimulation during IVF. You would need to discuss this thoroughly with your consultant of course, regarding the potential side effects. Also to discuss different approaches to IVF, whether to try the long or the short protocol. Often the short one is used in women with low ovarian reserve, so as not to “switch” off the ovaries any more than needed. Perhaps while you are going through treatment, it might be an idea to confide in a close friend or relative, as you can often feel very isolated. Choose who you spend your time with too, for the moment and look after you. Obviously, I do wish you both well with whatever treatment plan is decided for you, and hope for success. Diane

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Hi im sorry to hear your news.. I too can relate to what you saying.. I found out that my AMH was low. in fact its that low we got refused treatment at our local NHS hospital - in Manchester. We paid to see the consultant privately as the waiting time was so long. she did inform us though that we could see her at her private hospital for treatment and use DHEA. Looking into DHEA it would appear that the evidence isn't concrete on it hence the reason why some private clinics use it and other don't. However the main thing for me was the risk of increasing your blood pressure and in the past I have suffered with high BP so for me it wasn't worth the risk.

we choose a different private hospital who don't use it and I am due to start treatment on the short protocol next month.. scary stuff.

we had an added complication in that my partner had a zero sperm count - and we needed a sperm retrieval - this has been done and was successful

So I fully understand how you feel.. I struggle with my emotions over it all as never in a million years would I think that we would be here and something that is considered so natural and normal is so far out of reach

I wish you all the best in your treatments

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thanks very much both.

I have read about drugs like clomid and DHEA and was surprised that I was not offered these. I think that they haven't prescribed these treatments as they are trying to rush me in for ivf and there isnt enough time for them to take effect.

I am finding out with the nurse tomorrow what protocol I will have and hopefully they will tell me I can have my baseline scans/tests and start next monday eve as my day 1.

I will update this site with any progress/outcome as it is nice to get things off your chest on here.

Although I dont have much support from friends or family, Ive got a fab partner who is going through it all with me. Its so up and down going through this journey and I cant wait to get some answers and see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks again for your comments and support xxx


HI let me know how you go.. I am starting in 2 weeks too


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