Tested early BFN :-(

As the title says I gave into to curiousity and tested this morning got a BFN and not only am I gutted but I feel so stupid for testing so early too!!

I had 2 day 6 blasts transfered on Monday last week so it was only 5 days ago. I tested because I had heard of other people getting a positive at this stage and I wanted to be put out of my misery one way or the other. As a positive would mean we had hope and were still in with a chance and a negetive would mean more time to get my head sorted before I go back to work. Now that its a negetive I just feel so low. I had thought we had a good chance with 2 day 6 blasts but it seems not. This process is just so cruel. I suppose I should have known it was going to be a BFN as I was having zero symptoms and I have been irritable like before AF is due. I know that isnt a definite sign it has failed but i suppose I just had a feeling. Really annoyed at myself for doing the test as I am now totally gutted and upset with another week to wait until my OTD and then I have to go through it all again. If any ladies reading this are on their 2ww and are tempted to test early please please take my advice and dont, it isnt worth it. Stick to your OTD as it removes any doubt of it being a false positive or negetive and you know where you stand. Im in a kind of hellish limbo at the minute and ive only myself to blame.

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  • Too early! Your body may not have figured out what's going on if it's only been 5 days. Whenever I've had a positive, I thought AF was coming a week early as I got really grumpy. So it's a bit early to write things off yet. I've done it 8 times, 3 positives, 1 baby.

  • Don't give up hope just yet lou79. When is your OTD? The temptation is always there to test early it drives us insane. My OTD is this Thursday and I'm desperate to test early but at the same time I'm too scared to 😞 I haven't had many symptoms other than headaches & some twinges/pains low down & in my ovaries. If I test now and get a negative I know I'll find it hard to continue feeling positive & hopeful so i'm going to try to be patient and wait until Thursday. Don't beat yourself up for testing early, we've all done it... keeping everything crossed for you 😚 x x

  • My test date is 18th which is a week today. I know testing early was stupid of me, i thought I would be ok(ish) if it was a BFN as there would still be a bit of hope, but I dont feel that way at all. Im devastated. I just keep crying. Im going to try to keep myself busy today as I cant sit here feeling sorry for myself it won't help or change things. Thanks for the replies and support ladies x

  • I honestly think you've tested too early. Please stay positive, it's important for your wee embies that you think only good, happy thoughts 😊 You don't want to start releasing nasty stress hormones. Do something nice today to take your mind off things πŸ˜‰ x x x

  • Thank you noodles. I am trying to stay positive. Ive been humming 'always look on the brightside of life' while doing my chores today :-) My husband is visiting family who live far away and will be away until tomorrow evening so I have the tv to myself and Im going to have an alco free beer and a takeaway :-) have to keep the chin up and remember I am not out of the game yet. Thanks again noodles and wishing you the best of luck for your OTD x

  • I deliberately didn't buy pregnancy tests until day before OTD so I wouldn't be tempted.

    You're not the first to cave in and won't be the last.

    Fingers crossed for BFP on OTD.

  • I think you've tested too early for an accurate result lou79. I don't think your body would have had a chance to stimulate enough of the pregnancy hormone if you are pregnant. Remember it takes a few days for the embryo to even implant. I know some people get these early positives but it can still be the trigger shot in their systems.

    Try to keep calm and relax as much as possible over the next week. I know it's really tough.

    Good luck x

  • Hi, thank you Hopeful1982. Yesterday was a really bad day. I felt like such an idiot for giving in and testing early plus I was devastated by the result and went from one minute being optimistic and the next sobbing uncontrolably. It was horrible. Made worse by knowing I only had myself to blame! Plus google is not the friend of any lady on the 2ww. Everything I googled to try to get reassurance just made me feel worse, nearly every single lady who has gone through ivf has got a BFP by 5 days in aparrantly! Yeah, thanks google!! Today I feel a bit better and a tad more optimistic but yesterday has left a mark and I dont know if I will allow myself to be as hopefull as I had been before. But I do know one thing, no more testing until OTD!!

    Thank you for the reassurance and I hope you are feeling good and looking after yourself xx

  • I remember reading a story on this site where someone tested the day before their OTD and had a BFN but got a BFP on their OTD So unless someone is playing a very cruel joke with the 2ww - if you were guaranteed a positive result after 5 days then that would be the OTD!

  • That is a very good point! There are way to many forums out there which should be avoided when on the 2ww!!

  • You've tested too early- if you've a week til OTD then even a first response 6 days early would be unlikely to pick up a positive. What test did you use? I had a Clearblue digi tell me I was 1-2 weeks pregnant when I was 4-6 weeks pregnant so I never trust those things.

  • Hi kernishp, I used a clearblue digital so it was a very harsh Not pregnant which appeared on the screen! I think I have now developed a loathing of all clearblue products. I had digital OPKs, the fertility moniter and many Not Pregnant tests in the past. Maybe clearblue is not the brand for me :-) Im hoping that I have just tested way too early but I suppose I am preparing myself for the worst, yesterdays BFN is still very raw! Thank you very much for the reply and I hope you are keeping well xx

  • Stay away from the Clearblue! I hate that Not Pregnant screen. I only took a Clearblue digi test when I knew I was definitely pregnant because I wanted to 'beat' that stupid screen. When it came up 'Pregnant 1-2' and I was expecting to see 'Pregnant 3-4' I was convinced my HCG was dropping and I was miscarrying- it wasn't and I didn't, but Clearblue still managed to cause pain and confusion! First Response is much better and cheaper too. Good luck for the 18th. Xx

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