Early menopause....please help

Hi ladies, can someone please help and give some advise. I went to the hospital this morning as I haven't had a period since may 30th. The nurse there was quite concerned and said she thinks I may be going through the early menopause. Those words really hit me hard. I didn't know what to say and my mind started thinking 1000 things at one time. When I had my iui's in the past I ovulated on day 8 or 9 which is too early apparently. But when I had my bloods checked last year r my FSH was at 4.8 and my LH was 5.2 can this change so quickly in a year?? I am so scared as I thought everything was OK with us. Our ivf has been approved but will this change this? I'm only 29 and I don't know what to do. X

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  • Hi hunni. I ovulate day 8 too. Just to say I also had to have menopause screening done for different reasons. Mine was due to bleeding between my periods. And I too was scared when the nurse (after asking her) told me the what blood tests were being done. And I needn't have worried. It's only natural to worry and think the worst when we have tests done. I hate awaiting on test results! I would try not to worry but that is impossible and I'm not one to talk!Perhaps it's a result of treatment messing up your hormones? Or maybe you are pregnant? The fact you see an lh surge is good if you were menopausal I don't think that you would see an lh surge.Good luck. I hope you get good news that puts your mind at ease and get the results soon! X

  • Thanks for your reply jess. This is the first time I have missed my period. The nurse said it's unlikely I am pregnant because all the tests I took at home where negative. So she was just checking my bloods again for my FSH level. I honestly feel very scared and lost. I'm 29 and feel my chances of motherhood are being taken away from me. I don't even know if ivf will work if I am going through menopause x

  • I had a friend whose pregnancy test didn't show positive till she was over 2 weeks late. Never say never. I doubt your fsh would change that much over a year. When do you get your results? X

  • I really hope it hasn't. I suffer from endromestosis and I had a lap in October 2015 so I hope that that didn't interfer with anything. I will be so happy if I am pregnant but deep down I know that I am not. Just scared of what the doc might say the problem is. I just feel so confused and sad. I was so happy on Friday knowing that our ivf was approved but now I feel like that won't even do ivf on me if I don't have any good eggs x

  • Hi! That's the worst thing to do to start thinking that you are going to fail! Don't do that, no matter what you are going through right now you have to believe, to know that everything is possible, that you are going to become a mother. I went through ivf de treatment but in the clinic abroad. And that was really stressful at the time for me, because of all the years we've been TTCing. I was nervous too, was thinking about my failures etc. But my dr said that if I'm going to continue thinking about that nothing will work. And I stopped immediately. I’ve got my BFP from the first attempt, but I do not want you to think that everyone receives positive results at the first try. And that is what I recommend you. Everything is going to be ok!

    You can always write here, ask for the advice or to chat with us! Good luck! xx

  • Hi

    I missed my period once and I am not pre menopausal. There are many reasons why you can have a missed period including STRESS! . You have been waiting on funding for ivf and if that isn't stressful I don't know what is! Try not to worry darling.

    Best wishes


  • Thank you for your reply Jess. I feel so lost and confused. I feel like there is always something coming in our way. My fertility nurse was straight to the point with me and then I over heard her talking to the other nurse who took my blood test and told her that she was worried because my last 2 iui's I have ovulated day 8 and she would like to see it day 14. I responded well go the injections for my treatment but now missing a period has thrown me. I feel like I know my body and something feels not right. Sorry for the long reply back I just feel like I have no one to talk to. My husband is always so postive and dosent understand my fears or worries. X

  • No need to apologise. I get it. Men don't really understand this and I know I have felt on many occasions my husband isn't as bothered as he doesn't stress or worry like I do! He says he doesn't want me to feel worse which is why he does not tell me his feelings. Plus I don't think it occurs to him what could be/go wrong!!! Certainly doesn't spend histime goggling haha! I'm a complete mess when I'm awaiting on test results. It's like I can't focus on anything else. I do get it. Time just drags when waiting. Waiting is the worst part of this hideous situation. You can do this. Ask yourself the worst case scenario and find a solution that might help make you feel better. Sometimes nurses need to be tactful whilst approaching this sensitive subject. They don't understand how words can really upset people like us in this situation. I think she didn't mean to she was just pointing out worst case scenario. You might get good news Friday and surprise yourself 😍 X

  • I also have endometriosis and I didn't have a period for 2 1/2 years. They also thought I was going through early menopause (I was only 18 at the time) but the reason for my periods stopping was I had high prolactin levels. Eventually my periods just came back by themselves. Hopefully you'll get some answers soon xx

  • Thanks Amy. Is this something they picked up on after a blood test? I get my results back on Friday hopefully but I am just scared. Do you think I will still eligible for ivf?

  • Yeah it was through a blood test.

    Honestly I haven't got a clue. Prolactin levels can be high due to stress or a missed period can be due to stress. I know it's easier said than done but try and relax until you know the results there's nothing you can do so try not to panic. X

  • Thank you! I know there isn't anything I can do but just can't help but worry :( I will try and keep busy until Friday. So grateful for this site. Means I can vent. No one else understands. My husband is very supportive but at times I feel like he dosent understand either! X

  • Hi I am so sorry to hear that. I am in same shoe but mine wasnt diagnosed until I was 34. I remembered to have missed my period for three months when I was 30 but I was told if could happen . Little did I know it was is early signs , I could have started then looking actively for a baby.

    I am sure nhs will still offered your treatment provided you meet the criteria. I didn't meet their threshold and they offered me to us donor egg.

    My two younger sisters also are in same shoe age 23 and 29. Is really devastating .

    It was difficult to accept donor route but I have finally accepted that if that was the route God wanted me to create a family then that's okay.

  • Hi there! I am so sorry that you have gone through this. Did your period return? I am scared that my ivf chance will be taken away from me. I am open to have doner eggs but really would like to at least try with my own eggs first. Nothing has been confirmed that I am going through early menopause but they are concerned that I have missed my period. How long did the nhs doner egg process take? I wish that the next few weeks hurry by and I can start my ivf after September x

  • It came after three months but wasn't regular and after two years it went for good. At the moment am not menstrating.

    Because I am dark skill it was difficult to find a donor. One of my sister 29 offered to help but she didn't respond well to med, she produced only two eggs and just one fertilised which did not implant.

    I have decided now to go abroad.

  • Thank you for your reply. I wish you all the best and really hope you get a BFP. I will try and not stress until I find out for sure what is going on! X

  • Just be calm and wait until Friday be positive. Remember there are ladies like myself who understand what you are going through, am aways there if you feel as to chat or has any question xxx

  • Thanks girls. After a good night sleep I have woken up thinking this is out of my hands and I just have to wait until I get the results back. Thank you to each and every one of you that took time out to reply. It means a lot to me xx

  • Hi ladies I thought I would give you an update! My nurse called me yesterday and said my blood tests have come back normal. She said it looks like I have released a follicule and to try naturally these couple of days. However she is still going to talk to the doctor tomorrow to see what's going on with my absent period. I was wondering and this may sound silly but can I still release a follicule if I haven't had a period? Xx

  • Don't know about the follicle. But great news about your blood test results. Woo Hoo! 👌🏻 you must be very relieved. As for absent period stress, body being pumped full of hormonal drugs doesn't help. I know there is a pill a DR can prescribe that will bring on a period. Let me know how you get on X

  • Thank you Jess! She did say she still wants to discuss it with the doctor. I am told that I need to have an AMH blood test but was advised to wait until September because I need this done anyway before ivf x

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