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Early Menopause- 1st Fertility Appointment Friday

Evening Everyone,

I find using blogs really helps me to talk about my current experience and to get my worries out in the open. I wondered if anyone on her could let me know if they have been through early menopause (I am only 30 and found out 2 weeks ago) we havent children yet but we have our first appointment with fertility clinic on Friday but I dont know what to expect.... anyone have anything to share? We are hoping to qualify for NHS funding but I weigh 16 stone 6 and at 5ft 8 my BMI is too high and it looks like I am going to need to loose 30 lbs if we do get excepted.... anyone have any suggestions as since my periods have stopped I have put on 2 stone very rapidly despite having a regular diet- some treats but most of the time we have healthy meals and we play squash twice a week. Help please ladies. x

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First of all I am sorry to hear about the early menopause,

I'm sure its been a lot to take in. We ourselves have our

Problems with me having had ops to remove ovarian cysts

Due to polycystic ovarian syndrome and also they found a

a lot of endometriosis around my womb and tubes.

At age 27, 5"8 and 18st4 I was told if I got my BMI

Under 35 we could try Clomid as I don't ovulate, I used superdrugs

own version of slimfast for breakfast and lunch, ate lots of fruit in between

And plenty of water followed by a healthy evening meal. I also

Went to aqua aerobics once a week, within 2mths I was down to

16st2 putting me just under 35 BMI. However they decided not to

Try the Clomid option afterall as found my partner also has a low count so

We are now being offered IVF on the NHS but only once my BMI is

Below 30, this was quite a shock as we've already put in a lot of work.

My weight seemed to stay the same on the shakes as tho I'd lost

As much as I could with them so I joined slimming world...... Absolutely

Amazing results! I'm on my 2nd week, lost 5lb last week! You don't

Even know your dieting as you tend to eat really nice meals and bigger

Portions! Defibately look around for a group near you. I have to be 14st1

or below by my appointment in June and I'm already 15st11 now.

I wish you all the best in the world, you can do it :) trust me I've tried all

The diets going and gave up in the past but when its a case of baby or no

Baby it certainly does spur you on. Xx lots of luck xx


Hiya Mikayla,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. Well done on your weight loss. Well i am guessing then that I will be the same so Ill have to get my weight to 14 stone also. Shall we buddy up with this to achieve it together? I am going to go and have a look at the shakes you mention at lunch time but I will google slimming work also as I think that will probably be the better option. We have our first appointment on Friday with the clinic- what will happen then, guessing they will weigh me and do other investigations then and then decide once they have got all results from the investigations what they will do next. How long do you have to wait for your appointment then approx 16 weeks?? so its going to be a good timeframe to get the weight off then?

I am away with work alot at the moment which I am finding is half of the problem as I am having to pick meals up on the go but I am going to do whatever its going to take! x


Thank you, I'm sure I will be congratulating you on your weight loss soon :) I downloaded a free BMI calculator app on my phone which is great, you just put in your height and weight and goal and it works out your BMI and as you put your new weight in each week it forms a weight graph to show you it coming down and how many more pounds to lose until your goal, it's quite good to see the hard work paying off.

Yeah the shakes are great, I found the strawberry one was the nicest, really creamy and filling and I snacked on fruit all day. It was great to get a good chunk of the weight off but slimming world is even better, the ladies here are very supportive and the food portions are great, more than I would normally eat but it's working. I decided its maybe best to stick to it as I'll be eating properly and learn the right balance of foods which will come in useful to get the right vitamins and minerals when going for ivf.

At the clinic they firstly assess your notes and with me they ordered an ultrasound scan and blood work, I then went back and was told to get bmi below 35 for clomid and they also referred my partner for a sperm analysis, when we went back again they had assessed our case again as my partner has a low sperm count also so they had made the decision to offer us ivf on the NHS for our best chance of conception but they can only send the referral once my bmi is below 30. My appointment was meant to be at the end of march but they have rescheduled it to 11th June mainly due to a new consultant taking over and maybe to give me a bit more time to lose the weight. From what I've heard once they send the referral for the ivf there's normally then a 12-15 week waiting list but once your in it all goes pretty quick. Was told I would be given drugs to inject everyday for 5wk to produce enough eggs, then would go in to have the eggs collected and my partner would give a sperm sample to be washed and as long as a healthy fertilisation took place then one or two would be put into me then do a pregnancy test 10-14 days later.

It's all in the future and no promises of a baby at the end but its a lot better chance than we have now as I don't ovulate at all and my partner has a low count so even if I miraculously ovulated the chances are very slim for conception.

Just keep in your mind that every pound you lose is a better chance, I never had periods for months but as soon as I lost the weight they have returned and the less heavier you are the lower the chances of health problems and complications. I've wanted to lose weight for years but always gave in but this time around I just have the driving power I need to keep going.

Just keep going for the first week and after you step on the scales and see how much you have lost it will give you the boost to carry on each week. We are pretty much the same weight wise etc, will be nice to check in with each other every week and buddy up to lose the weight :) can keep each other going xxxx


hello wishingonastar

I'm really sorry to read your story, and at such a young age, I feel for you.

After having tried for nearly 3 years for our first child, (I'm older than you at 39), and enduring opp for endometriosis and sorting out an under active thyroid, I've been told I'm about to go through the early menopause. Although I still have my periods, my tests results point to this.

At the clinic they will carry out lots of blood tests, AMH, FSH, LH, E2 along with an internal pelvic scan to determine the state of your womb/ovaries etc. If you haven't had a lap and dye they may to that to check your tubes are working ok.

Once you have the results they will advise the best course of treatment. With us it is egg donation, but we don't qualify for free treatment, boo. Ask about DHEA that might help you.

As so far as weight loss is concerned, I have out on a bit too and found the best way to lose it was cutting out wheat and sugar as much as possible, lowering dairy and exercising. Just treat it as a more healthy lifestyle rather than a diet. Its much easier when you have a goal, like a baby to work towards.

lots of luck with it all



Will they do the test with the dye on my initial appointment? Is this by general anaesthetic? X


Hello oh no they won't do it on your initial appt, I wouldn't have thought they'd do any tests that's day.

If they do suggest you have it, you would be booked in and yes its general anaesthetic


Oh I see so what will they do on Friday- it says on my appointment letter that pelvic scan and possibly bloods will be taken? I had 2 full bloods taken through the doctors for everything about 1- 2 weeks ago will they use these or do further bloods do you think... i am not sure if to ring the clinic to find out exactly what will happen and what the process will be as my head is all over the place anyone at the moment and its going crazy about what to expect. Its so frustrating as my doctor did a massive list of blood tests... 2 days later results were back, day later telephone consultation to say about early menopause and then day later face to face meeting to discuss referral to infertillity clinic. I had an MRI scan last week with magnetic dyd when i thought i was going for a normal MRI so I panicked then as I didnt expect that and I was in the machine thing, was brought out of it to be greeted by 2 nurses who were asking how my veins were for them to be able to put in the canuler for the dye.... arm and wrist are still in agony from where they did this. No explainations other than its to test my pituitory gland!!

As you can understand no one is telling me anything so my brain is going into over load ... feel like I am going crazy. I am working full time in a very busy target lead recruitment consultants role and I just cant concentrate at work as my brain is trying to take in everything that is happening x


oh I see you've had lots of tests already, that's good. Try not to worry about it, your getting investigated which is what you need. Just ring the clinic, find out what they have planned for you and then you can relax a little. Also remember it is an emotional time for you, and if you feel overwhelmed it understandable. big hugs

ps they will probably do the bloods again as your GP probably didn't cover all the tests


Hi. I’ve read through all the comments made by others here, and they all offer good advice to encourage weight loss. However, do make sure that you keep a record of your weight loss, maybe at a club or get your practice nurse to weigh you. This way, you can show your consultant that you are trying and mean business. I do wish you well with it all, it is difficult, but with determination you will get there. If you have a look at our website infertilitynetworkuk.com you will be able to see how we can support you further at this time. Good luck with it all. Regards Diane


Thank you for your comments. I will report back after Fridays appointment. I have lost 4lbs since last week so I am on it. I have my old weight watchers journal that I am filling in food diaries every day. I am 16stone 10 and I need to get to 14 to make my BMI 30. Fingers crossed everyone! :-)


Dear Wishingonastar I went into the menopause at 34 and had various investigations and IVF treatment I finally went to Dr Ming a Chinese Herbal Medicine doctor and 3 months later just before my 40th birthday she helpted us achieve a sustainable pregnancy I went straight back into the menopause following the birth of my son and she did it again so it wasn't a fluke you can be helped - please check out my website infertilityhelptoday.com and I hope to hear your success story next year - good luck and please leave your comments on my guest book page. Kindest regards.


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