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Nervous! Ready to start treatment after next period


First post- me and my husband have been trying to nearly 3 years since our wedding, have had all tests done- everything fine- sperm count fine, all blood tests fine. Start out IVF after my next period! Amh 12.9, I have to start with an injection to stop my cycle then 9 days of gonal f injections! Still seems unreal and all a bit mixed up with names of injections treatments etc. can't wait to start but so nervous about injections. Any advice would be great!

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Hi There

I had my partner support me through the injections so he felt included in the whole process!!! Like you we are classed as unexplained infertility and it also felt unreal for me up until the day of egg collection and when you go back in for your transfer and see the embryo(s) they have chosen to transfer on the screen it hit me hard. I have recently gone through the 2ww and looking back now for me I should have returned to work after 7 days but decided to take the 2 weeks off, everyone is different though and for me it was more about needing to keep my mind occupied otherwise I was analysing every little twinge!!! What protocol are you doing????

We are starting the injection to stop the cycle then 9 days of gonal f injections, blood tests and scans every 2-3 days. Does this sound normal. Yes my husband is going to help me with injections. I am going to take a few weeks off work too, although I have my own business I will just keep up the paperwork and not any physical

Work. Have you started your ivf.

Sorry just realised that you have started the treatment and are waiting to find out! Fingers crossed!

Your situation is the same as mine although I haven't started treatment yet (fingers crossed will start next month). I work full time and get a certain amount of time off for 'free' but I have a very understanding line manager so am fairly confident when I am at work I will be liked after!

Keep us sted on your progress xx and good luck xx

Hi I am pretty much in the same boat. But they told me it was unexplained infertility----- which was really hard to take in. We have been trying nearly 4 long did you wait for ivf? We need to book back in to make our op for all our tests no fore IVF can take place. But I was wondering how long after we would need to wait before we go ahead with the actual IVF? Good luck and take care.

LN26 in reply to Belle-7-

Hi we have been told that too- unexplained infertility - we have waited around 18 months. Did all our tests and are due to start the injections around the middle of April. Good luck to you too!

Belle-7- in reply to LN26

Hi there. Being told it's unexplained is really frustrating I bet you felt the it's like we'll what now . I just can't help think what's stopping this from happening naturally??? May I ask where your from as I know it's diff depending on where your from . I'm birmingham West Midlands . Good luck an take care xxx

Hi I am glasgow. It is so frustrating. April can't come quick enough for us. Take care, good luck

We first went to fertility clinic around march/april 2012... so by the time IVF starts it will be coming up to 2 years (that's if our referral is accepted!!). We have been trying for 4 years albeit on and off if that makes sense: therte's only so much 'organised' baby making you can do!

The advice I am holding on to is stay safe, treat yourself, look after yourself and be patient and keep enjoying the little things that happen everyday... :-)

Hi belle7 mine is a bit different to yours as I have hydrosalpinx on both tubes,I had my very first appointment with the consultant at Birmingham women's for fertility about a week ago an she was really good she's gone straight ahead and now I'm waiting on a laparoscopy date which will be next month where they will decide when they open me up wether to fix my tubes,take my tubes out or clip them, but I think I pretty much start ivf then within a few months depending on what they do to me as if it's simple it can start ivf on my next cycle or if complicated will be a few months I'm at Birmingham women's hospital, not sure if you are getting it on the nhs I'm not eligible as my partner has a child from a previous,so been given all the prices ect,I suppose if your getting nhs maybe while longer as there are long waiting lists I was told , have you seen anybody at the hospital yet x

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